Bored Rich Guys

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A case of the Evans

Chapter Twenty

Riley had a hard time concentrating on her school work that day. She kept seeing him look at her with such lust in the kitchen.

“Earth to Riley, what’s with you today?” Cheryl asked at the end of their class.

“Oh, geez. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything today,” Riley said shaking her head.

“Ooh I think you have a case of the Evans,” Cheryl said laughing, “You moved in with him and now you can’t stop thinking about him.”

“Cheryl! I don’t know about that… okay, you’re right. I can’t get him out of my mind. It’s too bad he’s not interested in me. I mean look at all the women who throw themselves at him. He can have his pick of any of them, why would he want me?” Riley asked.

“Because you’re smart, cute, sweet, and you take care of him,” Cheryl said laughing, “I think just feeding him will make him fall in love with you.”

“Well a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?” Riley asked laughing, “Seriously I don’t think he’s that into me. Maybe it’s because I dated Chris.”

“Or maybe he’s secretly into you but is worried because you dated Chris. What if Chris said something about you to him? I mean he was a jerk, he probably lied about stuff,” Cheryl said.

“Oh no, he said everything to my face,” Riley replied, “Let’s see, the most frequent insult was slave, or there was gold-digger, and slut or bitch. He even called me a whore a few times.”

Cheryl looked at her, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, he didn’t hide how he felt,” Riley replied with a shrug, “That’s why they wanted me to leave so they wouldn’t have to hear him calling me names. Evan did talk about Chris last night like he thought I was still after Chris. I’d say in love but I don’t think I ever was really in love with the guy, it was more like a summer fling that swept me off my feet."

“Well, maybe we should go out dancing tonight?” Cheryl suggested, “You can invite Evan along and if he comes then he likes you, if he doesn’t well you know the answer.”

“Well, Ev might come anyway because we’re friends,” Riley said shrugging.

“Yeah, just wear something sexy,” Cheryl said with a laugh, nudging her and then heading off to the next class.

Evan spent the day trying to concentrate on his work but his thoughts kept getting pulled back to Riley and the way she looked at him like she wanted to kiss him. He knew it wasn’t what she wanted but he could have sworn she seemed just as attracted to him as he was to her. She told him she didn’t want the situation to end up like the one with Chris. Chris had told Evan that he was involved with her while she was at the house. He even bragged about how he took her virginity. Evan frowned thinking of how Riley had been hurt. Mostly he remembered holding her in the kitchen while she cried. He had just found out that the two were together before the whole thing blew up.

Holding her there in the kitchen made him think of how she held him when he was hurting. He couldn’t see Riley doing the things Chris said she did. Chris was just butt-hurt when he said those things. Syd, Rex, and Damon didn’t believe Chris either. Damon said she wasn’t the type to fake a pregnancy and try to force marriage. He said she wasn’t really his type, either, she was the forever type. It ripped Evan's heart out, letting her go that night. Would he ever see her again? He remembered watching her leave and wondering if that was the biggest mistake of his life. He should have gone with her, but leaving what he had for what he could possibly have was a big risk he wasn’t willing to take.

He remembered the day that Riley’s friend had come in asking about the class for women. He hadn’t thought much of her and they already had a waiting list for the class. He was going to turn her down but she said she really wanted something to do with her friend Riley. He couldn’t help but perk up at the name. He asked what her friend’s last name was and almost fell out of his chair when she said Samson. He had to maneuver them into a couple of spots, putting that class one over.

Then he couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked in with her curly hair up in a messy pony tail. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. What was it about her that attracted him so much? Was it like a forbidden fruit thing? Chris forbade it so he has to have it? No, he saw her and he thought of a kind and caring person. Chris' words filled his thoughts and he wondered, What if she cheated on him the way Cash did? How could he be sure she wanted him for him and not for his money? He paced his office most of the day trying to figure out the answers to his questions.

When Riley got back to the house she started dinner. Luckily it was just something she could throw in the oven. She knew exactly what she was going to wear. The sea foam green dress Evan picked for her that first week. She pulled the dress out and ironed it. She forgot how tight it was, though, cringing as she pulled it down and it barely grazed mid-thigh. She walked back into the kitchen. She checked on the chicken and waited for the timer to go off. Working on the side dishes while the chicken cooked and then went back and put the matching heels on. As she walked back into the kitchen the timer for the food went off. Evan walked in as Riley leaned down to pull the chicken out.

“What are you all dolled up for?” Evan asked, “Isn’t that the dress I got you?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess it is. I’m going out to a club with my friend, Cheryl,” Riley replied, chewing her lip nervously, “You remember her from the class right?”

“Yes, the blonde one?” Evan asked.

“Yep, that would be her,” Riley replied. She fixed up his plate and handed it to him.

“Looks good,” Evan said.

“Thanks,” Riley replied, “Do you mean the food or the dress?”

“Both,” Evan replied his eyes resting on her chest. Riley laughed.

“I hope you’re hungry,” Riley said making a small plate for herself and taking it to the dining room.

“Oh, I am hungry,” Evan said watching her walk in front of him. He sat down next to her at the table and dug into his food. Riley smiled at him enjoying the food. He glanced to Riley and started to feel jealous. He gave her that dress in hopes to show off her curves in hopes of votes. Now he was worried that other men would be staring at her lovely chest and that kind of upset him. He wished he could just force her to stay here, mostly in his bed, but he couldn’t think of a way to get her to stay. He also had to keep reminding himself that she didn’t want their relationship to be like the relationship she had with Chris. But when he looked at her he wanted her all to himself. He still didn’t like her going to a club like that. There has to be a way to go along to protect her. Something about Riley brought out his protective side, especially when he saw the scar running across her shoulder.

“This is great,” he said eating more, “So, can I go with you tonight, or is it a girl thing?”

“You’d want to be seen with someone who isn’t a two?” Riley asked laughing.

“Uhm, yes! I’m not Damon. I like curves,” Evan replied, “We can go in my Porsche.”

“Okay, I’m meeting Cheryl and Aaron there anyway,” Riley replied with a shrug.

“Oh, well then if you’re wearing that I better go along and be your bodyguard,” Evan said glancing at her with a smirk.

“Does that mean I get to sleep with you, too? And become a famous singer?” Riley asked. Evan started coughing and he looked at her, with his eyes wide, like he couldn’t believe she said that.

“You know, Kevin Costner…” Riley said laughing, “Whitney Houston… oh never mind.”

Evan started laughing, “I thought you were offering for services rendered.”

Riley frowned, “I’m not the type to sleep with people for money, or services...”

“I didn’t mean that Riley,” Evan replied, “I was just kidding. I know you’re not a gold-digger or a slut or anything.”

He reached over and touched her hand giving her puppy eyes, “Don’t be mad at me.”

Riley smiled, “How can I stay mad at you when you give me such a cute face?”

“Great! I’ll turn everyone’s heads with such a beauty on my arm tonight,” Evan said wiggling his eyebrows, “I have eye candy to make everyone jealous.”

“Oh, please, as if they could pry their eyes off of you long enough to glance at me,” Riley replied eating more chicken. Evan shrugged and quickly ate the rest of dinner. He took his plate back to the kitchen leaving it in the sink for her. He took off down the hall to change. Riley laughed and cleaned up the kitchen. Then she went back to her room to put on her make-up. She heard footsteps and turned to see Evan all dressed up in a green button up shirt and black vest, with black slacks.

“Sorry, I didn’t have that light green,” Evan said smiling and running his hand through his hair. Riley laughed and put lipstick on.

“Wow, you look hot either way. Okay, let’s go,” Riley said walking over to him. He offered her his arm and Riley took it.

“I know I’m not as good looking as Chris or Damon, but-,” Evan started.

“What are you talking about?” Riley asked cutting him off, “You’re gorgeous. I’d rather be seen with you than Chris or Damon any day!”

“But I don’t have blue eyes, just boring old brown,” Evan said opening her door. Riley stood next to him waiting for him to look into her eyes.

“Look at me, Evan,” Riley said. He was staring at the floor and then looked up into her green eyes. Riley put her hand on his cheek and ran her thumb over his bottom lip.

“Your eyes are beautiful. They are warm and inviting. I would much rather look into your eyes than the iciness of Chris or Damon’s,” Riley said and then placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. She smiled and put her forehead to his before getting into the car. She was surprised at how Chris seemed to affect him. For some reason he still must feel that Riley would rather be with Chris. Evan went around to the driver’s side and got in. He sped down the street making Riley laugh. They pulled into the parking lot in front of the club. Aaron and Cheryl were already in line to get in. Riley went to join them in line.

“Man this place is packed tonight,” Riley said brushing her curls behind her ear.

“Yeah, it’s going to be a while before we can get in,” Aaron said looking around at all the people.

“No, it won’t. Let’s go,” Evan said taking Riley’s hand, “Don’t you remember, I don’t do lines.”

He guided them to the doors where the bodyguard stood. He opened the door for them when he saw Evan leading the group. Evan smirked and handed him a tip as they passed into the loud club. Music was blaring and people were everywhere dancing. Evan guided them over to the bar. A few pretty girls at the bar saw him and started talking to each other. Evan smiled and put his arm around Riley, moving so that it looked like he was telling her something, but he actually kissed her cheek. Riley laughed and whispered in his ear.

“You are bad. Not girl hunting?” she asked in his ear and he laughed back and shook his head no.

“Let’s dance!” she said and pulled him over to the dance floor. He laughed and gladly danced with her, holding her close to his body. He liked the feel of her body rubbing against his. They had to dance closely because the dance floor was packed. Even with Riley so close to him he was constantly pulling her away from guys dancing up behind her and trying to steal her away from him. After a few songs they headed back to the bar for a break.

Riley sat down laughing and fanning herself.

“Do you want something to drink?” Evan shouted over the noise.

“Just water,” she replied smiling at him.

She watched him go over to the bar where five girls instantly surrounded him. They flirted with him and offered him drinks. Riley watched as he shrugged them off and didn’t really flirt back. A drink was set in front of her making her jump.

“Hey, good looking,” a guy said handing her the drink. Riley smiled at him.

“Actually I’m here with someone,” Riley said pushing the drink back, “Thank you, though.”

Before she knew it Evan had shown up with a bottle of water. He put his arm around her and kissed her on the lips. Then he looked at the guy. Riley was surprised at the kiss and how mean Evan can look when he wanted to. The guy ran off instantly.

“How am I supposed to find a boyfriend if you’re scaring them all off?” Riley asked with a laugh.

“You’re not, let’s go dance,” Evan said pulling her back to the dance floor. Riley was surprised because she had never seen Evan as the jealous type. They weren’t out on the floor long before another guy tried to steal her away. Riley was surprised at the attention she got that night. Normally she was lucky to get one phone number. Of course she also normally didn’t wear the expensive dress she was wearing today. They made their way over near Aaron and Cheryl.

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