Bored Rich Guys

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Movie night mayhem

Riley picked herself up off the ground and walked over to the living room Syd opened his eyes.

“Bringing out the big guns now, huh?” Riley asked.

“Sorry, but I worry about Evan,” Syd said snuggling under the blanket. Riley sighed.

“I know Evan is different than Chris. He is as different as possible. I would never intentionally hurt him,” Riley said, “But I’m starting to think his friends are crazy.”

Syd laughed turning over and putting his hands behind his head, “Yeah we can be a bit protective over each other. I mean you can’t really blame us, someone’s got to look out for you, and it might as well be your best friends. It sure as hell hasn’t been our parents. They look out for us financially but when it comes to emotions they have no time.”

“What kind of pizza do you want? I don’t feel like cooking tonight,” Riley said with a shrug.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Syd said.

“No, I really am just tired. It’s been a long day,” Riley said plopping down on the couch at his feet.

“You, too?” Evan asked walking in.

“Pizza, tonight?” Riley asked. Evan nodded and sat down on a recliner on the other side of Riley.

“I like everything on it,” Syd replied, “So I’ll eat whatever.”

“No anchovies,” Riley said.

“Oh I forgot about those, definitely no fish,” Syd added pointing his finger in the air.

“Aww man, I was so hoping for a triple seafood pizza,” Evan said. Riley and Syd both gave him a disgusted look. Evan laughed, and after realizing he was kidding Riley and Syd joined in.

Riley took it upon herself to pick up the pizza so she could get some junk food. She had been very good about staying away from it all week but after the day she had, something sweet was calling. Unfortunately she forgot to not shop on an empty stomach because she got a few tubs of ice cream (choices in ice cream were a must when stress eating), bags of candy, chips, and soda. She knew she could never eat it all. Hopefully the guys would eat some, too, (okay, maybe most of it so she didn't gain the weight). She put the ice cream away, leaving the rest on the counter and carried the pizzas into the living room.

“What took ya so long,” Syd asked grabbing a slice.

“I had to stop for some feminine needs,” Riley replied smiling. It was obvious that Syd, like all men would never ask further questions about it after you say feminine needs. That was exactly how to get out of something in PE, or get them to leave you alone. No man wanted to mess with a woman on her period. She put the pizza boxes on the coffee table and then sat down on the floor watching T.V. with them. She grabbed herself a slice.

“Didn’t you just have your period?” Evan asked looking at her curiously. Riley smacked her forehead.

“I didn’t say what kind of feminine need and how would you know that?” Riley asked. Apparently Evan was more observant than she thought.

“I took out the garbage,” Evan said with a shrug.

“You suck,” Riley said.

“What other kind of feminine need is there?” Evan asked.

“Don’t ask,” Riley replied taking a bite.

“Well she is kind of moody, maybe she’s on it again?” Syd whispered. Riley glared at him.

“Syd, you’re starting to bug me,” Riley said.

“If you’re on it again you might want to go-,” Evan started.

“Don’t even go there. I’m not on it again I just wanted some sweets!” Riley shouted before he could finish.

“Oh, those feminine needs,” Syd said nodding, “I could go for some of those needs. Did you get enough for me too?”

“Oh, I got enough for the next two months,” Riley said, “You would think I would know better than to shop on an empty stomach.”

“Well that’s enough for me, what are you going to have?” Syd asked laughing. Riley looked at him with her eyebrows raised.

“There is no way you could eat all that! You would throw up before midnight,” Riley said.

“Is that a dare?” Syd asked giving her an evil smile. Riley raised an eyebrow at that. She was seriously thinking of torturing Syd with junk food, at least it might mar his handsome face with a pimple.

“Don’t do it Riley! We lose every time,” Evan said, “He could eat twice his weight in junk food. We still haven’t figured out how he does it.”

“Evan! You are no fun,” Syd said frowning.

“Hey, I do have to protect my girlfriend from your evil schemes you know,” Evan replied smiling at Riley.

“They aren’t evil, just fun,” Syd replied looking at Evan and frowning.

“Well we can make an evil sundae after we eat this and then watch an evil movie where people die,” Riley said noticing the sadness that crossed his face.

“Goddess you really know how to make a guy happy,” Syd said making a bowing motion to her.

“Goddess? Did we promote her?” Evan asked.

“After she said that and gave us beer, I have determined that Evan should worship her,” Syd said.

“Smooth you better not include yourself worshipping her,” Evan said with a grin. Syd smiled and then looked at Riley. She had turned her attention to the T.V., so Syd took the opportunity to get Evan’s attention. He threw a piece of pizza at him hitting Evan on the head. Evan looked at him like he was crazy. Syd pointed in Riley’s direction and rubbed his fingers together. Evan shook his head. Syd nodded.

“Did I miss something?” Riley asked glancing at Syd.

“Nothing,” Syd said biting into another slice.

Riley shrugged and went back to watching T.V., and they ate their pizza in an awkward silence. She could tell Syd wanted to talk to Evan about something so she figured she would give them time. Riley got up and went to the kitchen. She dug out the ice cream and made herself a nice bowl of rocky road.

“Riley can I talk to you about something,” Evan said with a huge sigh as he walked in. He crossed the kitchen to look out the window.

“It looks like it’s going to rain again. Do you think it will be a big storm?” Riley asked putting whip cream on top.

“It won’t matter, I’ll be with you,” Evan said glancing over at her.

“That’s why I like you so much,” Riley said walking around the counter and wrapping her arms around his neck. She smiled and gently kissed his lips. Evan looked into her eyes and smiled. He brushed his fingers down her cheek.

“I know what you want to talk about. I’m not after you for your money,” Riley said looking into his eyes.

“How did you know?” Evan asked looking away.

“It’s bound to come up, especially with the whole Val situation,” Riley said with a shrug, “I know I’m kind of relying on you a lot right now. I’m sorry, I don’t really like it, but once I get my schooling done I can get a job and help you out.”

“I’m not worried about money, Princess,” Evan said with a shrug.

“I know, I’m just saying, even if you were broke and relying on me. I wouldn’t mind. I’ve lived without stuff most of my life, and that’s what I know. This whole worrying about someone being after money is new to me, because let’s face it, no one comes after me for money,” Riley said with chuckle, “And if things did work out between us, if we did get engaged, I would completely understand signing a prenuptial agreement. I also understand that you can do so much better than me and that’s why I say if.”

Evan looked into her eyes surprised. He smiled and pulled her close to him kissing her cheek.

“That’s funny; I could say the same thing. I know you could do so much better than me,” Evan said smiling and pressing his forehead to hers.

“You guys are so sweet you make me sick,” Syd said walking in and grabbing Riley’s bowl of ice cream.

“You’re about to get very sick if you take a bite of that!” Riley yelled. Syd gave her an evil smile and grabbed a bag of candy before running out.

“Syd! Get back here!” Riley shouted while Evan held her back laughing.

“I’ll make you another one, Princess,” Evan said kissing her cheek and grabbing two bowls.

“You know Syd, I think I’m starting to know why Val left and it wasn’t money,” Riley shouted.

Syd walked back in laughing and eating the ice cream, “Please, like Val would eat sweets.”

“Syd, I have a spoon and I’m not afraid to use it,” Riley said picking up a nearby spoon.

“And what are you going to do? Spoon me to death? What can you do with a spoon, seriously?” Syd said laughing. Riley scooped a bite of the ice cream and Syd shouted jumping back.

“I’m going to steal back my ice cream, punk,” Riley said eating it.

“Hey, no food fights!” Evan said putting ice cream into the bowls, “I don’t want to pick up after you children.”

With that Syd threw a piece of candy at Evan and then hid behind Riley.

Riley laughed, “Puh-lease, like I’d be your shield over Evan’s.”

“Shoot, I think everyone would be a shield for Evan. Even I would turn on myself,” Syd said with a laugh. Riley looked at him knowing he was telling the truth. She knew Evan’s friends just wanted to protect him from the bad things that happen.

“Yeah, well I think that you all should just have a little faith in Evan and trust that he’ll make the right choice,” Riley said.

“Okay wait, what are we talking about? I thought it started as a food fight. I think I missed something here,” Evan said handing a bowl of ice cream to Riley.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you’re a blonde,” Syd said snickering. Riley snorted and then they both burst out into laughter.

“Gee, thanks,” Evan said throwing a piece of candy at Syd. Riley loved how she could argue with them one minute and laugh with them the next. She stood to the side as they wreaked havoc on the kitchen. Syd sprayed whip cream down the back of Evan’s shirt. Evan smacked him with a handful of it, leaving Syd with half a whip cream beard.

“Okay, I’m going to bed and you all need to clean this up by the time I wake up,” Riley said pointing at them.

“But you’re the maid,” Syd said smiling.

“Uh, no, she’s my maid,” Evan said picking up the empty bowls and putting them in the sink, “And I promised her she wouldn’t have to clean too much.”

Syd looked shocked, “You seriously expect me to clean up with you.”

“Yes, yes I do,” Evan replied kissing Riley and pushing her out of the room.

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