Bored Rich Guys

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Everything's coming up roses

After a long day of mid-terms, Riley was exhausted. With all the studying she did the night before she was tired and really hoping she aced those tests. She just wanted to get home and relax for a little bit. A nice hot bubble bath was calling her name. It was storming all day and she was so jittery from the thunder, but mid-terms were more important than nerves. She glanced at Evan’s Porsche as she passed it in the garage, all shiny and red. She still couldn’t believe how some people would waste their money on fast cars. That car alone could buy her a nice house. Opening the door, something felt off. She couldn't put her finger on it.

The house was dark and smelled strongly of flowers. Riley cocked her head to the side, slightly nervous from the dark but curious as well. She walked slowly to her room and turned on the light. The whole room was covered in red roses. Red rose petal's littered the carpet, bunches of roses lined the walls, and sat on the nightstands. Her eyes widened as she dropped her bag and followed the path to the bathroom, but Evan wasn’t there. Why would he fill her room with flowers and not be here to surprise her?

“Evan?” Riley called going back out of her room.

“Kitchen,” she heard him call back. Riley made her way to the kitchen, where more flowers sat on the island and counters. Looking up she saw him facing the window. He must have heard her footprints because he started talking.

“Riley, I did something bad, real bad,” Evan said quietly. Riley stood nervously in the doorway.

“I’ll get the shovel. We’ll bury them behind the barn and no one will know,” Riley replied. She chewed her lip as her heart was racing, and her mind went to the worst things he could do. He could have cheated on her with some bimbo, or he could be breaking it off with her and want her out.

“Wait, what?” Evan asked with a snicker, turning around. A small bundle of yellow fur moved in his arms as its teeth nipped his hand. Riley took a deep breath and laughed. Evan looked at her curiously. She ran up and took the warm bundle from his arms snuggling into it.

"Oh! He's so cute!!" Riley said kissing the puppy's head, "Do you need help burying the body?"

“No, there's no body... What? No, I was going to say...” he hesitated, running his hand through his hair.

"You found someone else and want me out?" Riley asked, feeling her eyes sting.

"No! God, no! What the hell? I say I did something bad and you think I killed someone, or cheated?" Evan asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Geez, Evan! Never start a conversation with ‘I did something really bad’. I thought you cheated on me or were asking me to leave or something,” Riley said. Evan winced.

“The puppy is to make up for the bad thing by the way…” Evan said. Riley looked up at him.

“Don’t cry, it’s not you it’s me-,” Evan started.

“Don’t even say that! You’re breaking up with me?” Riley interrupted. Evan looked at her surprised and then thought about what he said.

“Oh shit, no. I’m not breaking up with you,” he said shaking his head, “I’m not so good with confrontation and I know you’ll be mad.”

He took a deep breath, “It started with Damon wanting to do this thing and we never let him do anything, so we gave in and let him do this. Well Chris got a new girlfriend and he was bragging about her and Syd was like ‘Yeah well Evan’s girlfriend is way better.’ And then I felt obligated to say I would bring you…”

Riley quirked an eyebrow, “So you’re saying you want me to go to a place with your friends, including Chris who refers to me as a slave.”

He nodded. Evan’s brown eyes looked at her and she could see it was important to him. The puppy’s sharp teeth nipped her hand and she jumped looking down at its sweet little furry face. Its eyes were as big, warm, and brown as Evan’s. Riley looked back up at him and he gave her puppy dog eyes.

She groaned, “Oh, alright.”

“Yes!” Evan shouted raising his arms in the air and then kissing her. He skipped off down the hallway.

“What are you doing?” Riley asked following him. He came out of his room with a few suitcases.

“Well, it’s going to be cold so I packed us some warm clothes,” he said going to the hall closet and pulling out a couple of jackets including a new one for Riley, then he yelled, “Syd, she’s coming!”

“Yes!” Syd said opening a door down the way and clapping, “I so didn’t want to be the only one to scream like a girl! I told you the flowers would work!”

“I think it was the puppy,” Evan said smiling. Syd grabbed his suitcase and came up next to them.

“What’s going on?” Riley asked, “I so just wanted to come home, relax, maybe a nice bath.”

“No can do, princess,” Syd said smiling and patting the puppy, “Evan can treat you to a spa day later. You’ll deserve it after this trip.”

“Where are we going?” Riley asked cautiously.

“Well we have to take little fluff ball there to my friend Matt’s house, he’s going to puppy-sit, and then to the airport,” Evan replied.

“We’re flying somewhere? We better not be going to Chris’ house,” Riley said, frowning.

“Please, that is not where Damon is making us go,” Evan said.

“Where the hell is Damon making us go?” Riley asked.

“Scotland,” Syd stated, “Don’t worry princess, it’s perfect for you. It’s a castle, you’ll love it.”

Riley looked at him. She must be missing something. He had that look like he was hiding something. Syd ushered her out to her car as Evan loaded the trunk with their things and they were off. After dropping off the puppy they were off to the airport. They stepped into the international section where Rex and Liz stood waiting.

“Riley you made it,” Liz said smiling at her. Rex smiled and nodded to her.

“Oh good, you’re going too! Except I just realized Syd said Scotland and I don’t have my passport,” Riley said smiling and thinking that would get her out of this.

“Right here,” Rex said handing her a passport. Riley opened it to see a picture from last year on it. Riley looked up at him.

“Of course you do,” she said giving him a glare. Trust Rex to be on top of stuff like that. Rex gave her an innocent grin.

Evan put his arm around her and squeezed her gently. Riley looked up into his brown eyes. She should have known what she was getting into by dating him. With his friends she was bound to be whisked off to who knows where sooner or later. Evan smiled at her, his brown eyes sparkling. Riley grabbed his jacket and went on her toes to kiss him. He kissed her back, putting his hands on her hips.

“Get a room,” Syd said giving Evan a shove. Evan laughed and flipped him off.

“Hey, none of that. There will be no fighting on my trip,” Damon said walking up to the group happily. He froze when his eyes landed on Riley.

“Who found the princess?” he asked taking her hand and kissing it. She could see a spark of danger in his icy blue eyes as he took her in.

“Evan’s girlfriend,” Syd coughed. Damon looked at Syd and then at Evan.

“That’s right, where’s your girl?” Damon asked looking around.

“You’re holding her hand,” Evan said giving him a threatening look. She could almost see him saying ’mine, back off’. Damon dropped her hand instantly, his jaw dropping as well.

“Damn! Alright... I guess there can be some fighting,” he said with his eyes widened.

“If you guys are going to try and steal my girl away, you can forget it,” Evan said, raising an eyebrow. Damon laughed and handed Syd some money. Riley looked at him curiously.

“Told ya,” Syd said smiling and looking at Damon, who shook his head, “She’s better than any girl Chris is bringing, right?”

“Hell, yeah! She can make coffee,” Damon said smiling at Riley and giving her a wink. Riley chuckled and gave him a hug. Chris walked up to the group with his arm around a tall leggy fake blonde.

“Alright!” Damon said excitedly, “That’s everyone, let’s go.”

Rex laughed shaking his head. He took the passport back from Riley and went to the counter.

“This is going to be so awesome!” Damon cheered wrapping an arm around Riley, “The princess is back, and we are going to have fun!”

Chris’ eyes turned to Riley and then they narrowed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Chris asked. Evan moved closer to Riley standing taller, and putting his arm around her waist.

“Dude, leave her alone,” Syd said putting a piece of gum in his mouth. His blue-green eyes stared down Chris’ blue eyes.

“Riley’s got a new prince now,” Syd said with a smirk. Chris looked over at the two guys with Riley. Evan possessively turned her chin and kissed her. Riley smiled, looking down and then back to Chris, who looked mad as hell.

“Back off or don’t come,” Syd said crossing his arms over his chest. Riley smiled at Syd and understood why he was such a great friend. Sure, Evan could stand up for himself and obviously had no problem doing that, but it was nice to have friends stand up for you too. Damon gave her shoulder a squeeze before letting go and introducing himself to Chris’ new girl.

Rex returned with a flight attendant who took the bags, and clapped his hands, “Alright, let’s get this show on the road.”

Liz smiled, “Sexy Rexy this is so exciting! I’ve never been out of the country before.”

“Me either,” Riley said taking her sisters hand and smiling, “Are we going first class?”

“Riley, you know me! Do I ever fly class? Please,” Damon said shaking his head.

“Private jet it is,” Riley said with a shrug, Liz giggled. This time she got to watch her sister get excited about riding on the private jet and it reminded her of her first trip on it. She reached over and intertwined her fingers with Evan’s. He looked down at her and smiled.

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