Bored Rich Guys

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Taking a break?

Riley woke up with her feet still throbbing from the day before. She opened the closet but instead of a designer dress she found a bikini and shorts in there. There was also a pair of sandals on the bottom. Riley smiled, remembering that it was Chris’s turn. He must have felt bad for her feet. Riley put it on, but added a shirt over the top of the bikini.

“Where do you think you’re going today?” her sister asked.

“I honestly never know with these goofy guys. I might just be cleaning house in this,” Riley replied slipping on the sandals. She was surprised at how comfortable they were on her feet. Almost as good as flip flops.

“How are you doing it? How are you getting them to buy you all these nice things?” Elizabeth asked.

“I don’t know. I never asked them to and I don’t expect it. I honestly don’t understand why they like to treat me like their own Barbie doll and dress me up in this stuff. I'm starting to think they do it because they know it bugs me. Although with Chris I wonder. I did tell him my feet were killing me last night and I think he might be giving me a break,” Riley replied with a shrug.

“No, Christopher is a cocky asshole. He doesn’t have feelings. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I suggest you try and catch the eye of one of the other guys. Any of them would be a better choice than Christopher,” her sister replied with a sneer. Riley nodded and looked down at her feet. She wondered what happened to make Liz and Chris hate each other so much. Turning and walking out of the room to the kitchen, she put on a smile for Mrs. White.

“Riley, dear, I just wanted to thank you for the break last night. I really appreciated it. I made pancakes especially for you this morning,” Mrs. White said with a kind smile, pointing to the pancakes on the counter. Riley grinned and sat on the stool eating the pancakes. That was her favorite breakfast and Mrs. White made them even better than her grandma did, and with chocolate chips in them.

“Elizabeth, would you mind taking the cart to the boys and then one plate to Mr. Jameson?” Mrs. White asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in a bit,” Elizabeth replied pushing the cart down the hall. Riley could hear the guys complain when she went in instead of Riley. Mrs. White and Riley laughed.

“Those boys can sure be funny. I’ve known them a long time. When Christopher’s parents actually lived together, and he was just a little thing. He's grown so much!” Mrs. White said, giving her a nudge, “I knew they’d be disappointed, but I had to give you a break for helping me.”

Riley smiled, “You are so nice, Mrs. White.”

She knew it wouldn’t be long before they came after her so she enjoyed the quiet eating time while she could. She took a cup of coffee and sipped it between bites.

“Princess Rose! Are you not feeling well today? Why did you not join us?” Evan asked sitting next to her. Riley looked into his warm brown eyes and smiled.

“I had to see if I needed to actually work today. I do work here, but I feel like I’ve been slacking off with you guys lately,” Riley replied taking another sip of coffee.

“Oh, you are very important here, right Mrs. White? It’s Princess Rose’s job to keep us guys in line. How can you do that without being in the room with us? You can finish your coffee in there,” Evan said taking her coffee and pulling her arm.

“Have fun, dear,” Mrs. White called waving to Riley.

“I have saved the Princess from dusts evil clutches!” Evan called as he pushed the double doors open making a grand entrance like he was an amazing knight. The other four guys clapped when they saw her. Evan guided her to a chair and handed her the coffee back.

“I was afraid Damon had scared her off with wanting to dress her,” Syd said laughing and winning an evil look from Damon.

“It is my turn next,” Damon said wiggling his eyebrows.

“No heels today?” Rex asked looking at Chris.

“No, her highness has sore feet. We must give her a break and let her get used to the heels gradually. We could still teach her to dance, or go swimming,” Chris replied eating some of the pancake.

“I’m up for swimming! I’d like to see her in a bikini,” Damon said with a seductive half smile.

“Dancing it is,” Rex replied with a clap to get Damon’s attention. Damon gave him a glare and then threw a piece of bacon at him.

“No, I think it is a swimming day. It’s too nice outside for staying in here, but our toes might thank us later if we make her dance barefoot,” Evan whispered the last part.

“I heard that,” Riley said crossing her arms and Evan gave her an innocent shrug.

“I’m up for swimming,” Chris added.

“Yes, me too!” Syd said, “I think it is a swimming day, but maybe we’ll do both. Practice dancing now and swim after lunch?”

“Actually, that makes sense,” Rex said, “That way Ri… I mean Princess Rose gets some practice in and gets a break after.”

“I call first dance!” Syd said. Riley rolled her eyes; she really was an overpaid babysitter for these rich guys. She took another sip of her coffee.

“Aren’t you finished with that yet?” Syd asked looking at her.

“Oh, just one more, please?” Riley asked.

“One more sip, or one more cup?” Syd asked.

“Sip, I promise. Just one more sip, please?” Riley asked.

“I suppose I can wait for one more sip,” Syd replied impatiently tapping his foot and crossing his arms. Riley laughed.

“Well, thank you Prince Syd,” Riley replied. Syd laughed at that.

“You’re lucky I like you, Princess Rose,” Syd replied sticking his nose up in the air. Riley took her last sip and then tweaked Syd’s nose. She rose and held her hand out to him. It was hard to be mad at these crazy guys. He took her hand and they walked over to the open area. Syd put on some classical music and bowed to Riley. Riley laughed and curtsied back to him. He took her in his arms and led her in a waltz, teaching Riley the steps. Riley only stepped on his toes twice and was proud of herself that it was only twice...

“Ri… Princess Rose, will you please remove the sandals?” Syd asked trying to hide the pain that shot up from his foot, “Then we’ll try it again.”

Riley laughed and removed her sandals. He took her up in his arms again and danced around the room with her. Riley couldn’t help but smile and laugh while dancing with him. Rex took her for the next dance. His green eyes sparkled as they danced around the room. Riley was actually having a good time dancing with them. Time had flown so quickly, Chris looked at his watch and then stood up clapping his hands.

“Sorry to intrude on the fun but it appears to be lunch time. Princess Rose, would you mind getting lunch and taking it out to the patio while we change into our swim trunks?” Chris asked smiling at her, “Since you already have your suit on.”

“Not at all your highness,” Riley replied giving him a curtsy. Chris laughed and took her hand. He kissed the top of it while looking into her eyes and Riley blushed. Then she turned and put the sandals back on before heading to the kitchen.

“Mrs. White, do you mind if I go swimming?” Riley asked washing her hands and helping Mrs. White finish the little sandwiches she was making.

“Is that what they are doing this afternoon?” Mrs. White asked.

“Yeah, they wanted to relax by the pool today,” Riley replied getting a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses for them.

“Well, then I don’t have a problem with you joining them out there,” Mrs. White replied with a shrug, "You're really helping me by keeping them out of my hair, and fridge. Growing boys tend to eat a lot."

“No, you have to do some work around here,” Elizabeth said walking in and handing her a duster, “Mrs. White can take them their food. The entertainment room needs to be dusted as well as the library and the guy’s rooms.”

“Okay, can you tell them I had to work Mrs. White?” Riley said with a shrug and went back to the entertainment room. She dusted the shelves and tables, finally feeling like she was doing her actual job. Then she went back for cleaner for the mirrors. She even fluffed the pillows on the couch before moving on to the library. Riley looked outside and saw Mrs. White going out there with the cart. Chris practically stormed over to Mrs. White like a child about to throw the biggest tantrum. Riley returned to dusting the shelves. She made it about halfway through when the door slammed open hitting the wall and making Riley jump.

“What are you doing in here?” Chris snarled.

“Cleaning?” Riley replied giving him a look like he was nuts and biting her tongue from saying ‘What does it look like?’.

“You are supposed to be outside,” Chris said storming over to her. Riley shrunk back until her back hit the shelf behind her.

“No, Chris, I would love to go out and play, but I need to earn money for college in the fall. I really do need to do some work and Liz told-,” Riley started to say.

“That witch!” Chris shouted then stormed out of the room leaving a startled Riley behind.

“Spoiled rich kid,” Riley muttered before turning back around and finishing the shelves she was dusting. Mr. Jameson came walking in as Riley picked up her supplies to go to the library.

“Riley, would you please join Christopher and his friends by the pool?” he asked.

“Oh, Sir, I really think I should-,” Riley started, but Mr. Jameson put his hand up.

“Please, I will deal with Elizabeth later,” Mr. Jameson said, “Christopher is only with me for the summer and his happiness is imperative.”

“Yes, sir,” Riley said taking the duster and cleaning supplies back to the cleaning closet. Then she went out to where the guys were. Chris was sitting on a lounger.

“You made it, Princess,” Chris said smirking.

“Thank you, Chris, but I really would like it if you didn’t do that,” Riley said sitting next to him and taking his hand, “I understand that you want me to join you, but I do have a job to do.”

“I know, but you should get a break, too,” Chris said with a shrug.

“Honey, that is all I’ve been doing,” Riley replied.

“No, you’ve been entertaining us by dancing, you did the dishes for Mrs. White, you serve us food,” Chris said, “What haven’t you done for us?”

“That’s very nice,” Riley said, “Just remember I do work here, and I do have chores, alright?”

“Alright, I'll behave myself,” Chris said with an eye roll.

“Oh, and try to be nice to Elizabeth, please,” Riley requested getting up and taking the shirt and off so she was left in the bikini.

“That’s never going to happen,” Chris replied staring at her. Riley sighed and kicked off her sandals. Chris got up and picked her up.

“Oh, dear Princess Rose appears to need water,” Chris said walking over to the pool. Riley screamed as he threw her in. Rex laughed splashing Chris.

“How dare you throw the princess! She should be delicately dropped,” Rex said with a grin. Riley splashed him and a water fight began.

“I’m surprised you didn’t yell at me for messing up your hair,” Chris said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“I’m not into the whole hair and fashion thing, but I love to swim!” Riley replied pushing Chris under.

“I love the swimsuit, Princess Rose!” Damon said, “A bikini was a good choice, Chris.”

Riley splashed Damon and said, “Don’t be getting any ideas.”

Damon laughed, “I would never! I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Riley laughed and enjoyed the time in the pool. She had a strange feeling that someone was staring at her though. She looked up and saw her sister in the window glaring at her. Riley frowned and guiltily turned away. When Riley looked back up Liz had disappeared.

“Something wrong, Princess?” Chris asked.

“No, it’s fine,” Riley said giving him a small smile.

“You know, you’re beautiful when you smile,” Chris said brushing his finger along her cheek.

“Smooth, but I’m going to kidnap the princess!” Damon said grabbing Riley’s arm and pulling her away. She was surprised when Damon dove under and put her up on his shoulders.

“I have Princess Rose in the tallest tower!” Damon shouted triumphantly and Riley laughed.

“I, Sir Syd, shall save the princess from your evil wrath!” Syd shouted pointing in the air, “I must get together my knights of the round table! Prince Christopher, Sir Evan, and Sir Reximus we must save the Princess from the evil warlord Damoneth!”

“Where do you come up with this stuff?” Rex said shaking his head and going towards Syd, “I think you should be Sir Sydimus if I have to be Reximus!”

“Quick we must come up with a plan before he takes the poor maiden’s maiden head,” Syd shouted.

“Her what?” Evan asked.

“Her virginity,” Syd replied shaking his head.

“Really? She’s a virgin?” Rex asked.

“No, it’s just a game!” Syd explained, hitting his forehead as though he were surrounded by idiots, “In the olden days she would be because she’s not married.”

“Actually, not that it matters, but I am still a virgin,” Riley said with a shrug. They all stopped and stared at her.

“What?! No way!” Damon said.

“Seriously?!” Syd added, surprised.

“Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but I am. I just haven’t found the right person, yet,” Riley said with a shrug. Was it that hard to believe?

They all looked at her for a moment, dumbfounded.

Chris shouted, “Let’s save the maiden then!”

"No! She's my virgin sacrifice!" Damon yelled, gripping her legs and trying to run in the water with her on his shoulders.

The four guys charged at Damon and Riley fell into the water laughing another water fight ensued. Mrs. White came out and saw the group having fun.

“Lady and gentlemen, dinner will be served soon, may I suggest getting out and getting ready?” Mrs. White said giggling at them.

“Yes, White Queen, that would be a good suggestion!” Syd said getting out of the pool and grabbing a towel, the others following his lead. Mrs. White shook her head, and went back to finish up the dinner.

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