Bored Rich Guys

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Dance lessons

Chapter Six

She woke up to the alarm going off feeling like she hadn’t slept at all. She was honestly afraid of what would be in her closet this morning, knowing Damon had taken his turn. It was supposed to be pretty and not sexy, right? If she had to guess it was probably a black strappy thing that left nothing to the imagination. Riley was surprised to see a light pink corset with a tutu like skirt and white fishnet thigh highs. High heeled light pink lace up boots underneath. Riley hit her head on the closet door. She didn’t expect something so frilly and girly from Damon. She shook her head and put the dress on. It did accentuate her chest, and that was definitely Damon. She laughed as she threw her hair up into a girly ponytail and looked in the mirror. ‘Now how on earth am I going to keep my underwear hidden in this?’ she thought. She pushed the frilly tutu skirt down one more time before going into the kitchen, she definitely needed coffee this morning. She even threw some of her sister’s make-up on to cover the bags

“Morning,” Riley said.

“Wow, that is some outfit,” Mrs. White said, “Let me guess, Damon?”

“How’d you know?” Riley asked twirling around.

“It’s his style, trust me. It looks good on you, though. I like the make-up, too,” Mrs. White said.

“Thank you. I didn’t sleep well last night and had to cover up the bags,” Riley said getting a cup of coffee and taking a sip.

“Well, don’t you look like the princess today,” Elizabeth said walking in.

“Thank you, Damon’s choice today, but I hear the princess dresses will be next week,” Riley replied laughing, “I’m sure those will be something else.”

Elizabeth laughed knowing it was torture for her sister who she had never seen in a dress before.

“I can’t wait to see them. You are like a ray of sunshine Miss Riley,” Mrs. White said putting another tray on the cart. Riley grabbed a breakfast bar and ate it. She finished her cup and pushed the tray into the sun room today. It was open and bright with all the windows. Damon whistled as she walked in. Riley laughed and twirled around.

“I’m getting better with the heels,” she said giving Damon a hug. Then she started serving the plates to the guys.

“You look good in that one. How am I going to top that?” Syd asked taking a plate from her.

“And you guys thought I would dress her slutty. I couldn’t do that to an innocent virgin. I couldn’t put her in white either, though. I was thinking of that like the sacrificial virgin, but then I remembered how clumsy she was,” Damon said laughing.

“Hey,” Riley said putting her hands on her hips.

“Oh, she looks even better when she’s mad,” Damon said with a sensual smile. Riley rolled her eyes and took a glass of water over to him. Instead of handing it to him she sat on his lap.

“Oh, Damon you are so hot,” she said leaning towards him. Damon’s eyes widened in surprise, and then he smiled and leaned forward to kiss her neck.

“Oops, clumsy me,” Riley said dumping the water over his head and getting up so it wouldn’t get on her, “I’m so sorry. It’s a good thing I wasn’t wearing white.”

Damon glared at her with water dripping from his black locks. Riley laughed and handed him a towel.

“You know you aren’t allowed to say anything bad about the princess,” she said walking back over to the cart and passing out the rest of the plates. Damon got up and smacked her on the butt on his way out. Riley couldn’t help but laugh.

“Uh-oh, I think you made him mad,” Syd said laughing, “It was funny though. I think he kind of deserved it.”

“Yeah, but now I have to watch my back. At least I did that after he picked the outfit, right?” Riley replied.

“I don’t know I’m kind of jealous that he got you to sit on his lap,” Evan said wiggling his eyebrows.

“It was just water,” Rex said shrugging, “I’d say it was worth it.”

“Don’t get any ideas. Don’t you guys have girlfriends?” Riley asked glaring at them.

“Your point is?” Rex asked smiling, “It’s not like we’re actually doing anything like making out with you. Just some playful flirting isn’t going to hurt anything.”

Riley shook her head.

“Who told you we had girlfriends, anyway?” Syd asked.

“A little birdie,” Riley replied shrugging.

“It was Damon, wasn’t it? He just wants you all for himself. Don’t worry, we have girlfriends, but we got your back,” Evan said smiling, “You’re like a little sister.”

Chris finished eating and walked over to her. He bowed and held his hand out for hers.

“You are not a little sister to me, Princess Rose,” Chris said, “May I have this dance?”

“Oh man, are we back to teaching me to dance?” Riley asked.

“The ball is coming up, my dear,” Chris said kissing her hand, “That means we have to practice.”

Damon came walking back in wearing a new pair of jeans and no shirt, Riley could feel her mouth producing extra saliva. He stared into Riley’s eyes for a moment and then went to the cart to grab his breakfast plate. Chris tugged on Riley’s hand bringing her attention back to him. Riley smiled and wiped her mouth to make sure she hadn’t drooled. Chris smiled back and put his arm around her as they started to dance.

Riley could feel Damon glaring daggers at her as she danced with Chris. Chris held her close as they moved as one around the open space. Riley looked up into Chris’ deep blue eyes and smiled as he spun her around. She danced with Rex and Evan after.

“You’re getting better at this,” Evan said as the song ended. He bowed to her and she curtsied back laughing. Damon had been watching her the whole time. She looked so innocent and beautiful in the dress he picked out. He hadn’t been attracted to her before, but when she sat on his lap he was actually tempted to kiss her. He continued to watch her dance. Syd had jumped up for his turn with her. Damon watched as she danced knowing his turn would be next.

Damon got up and took her hand from Syd’s. He put one arm around her and took her hand in his other hand. He used the arm he had around her to pull her close to him, looking into her eyes with his light blue ones. He maneuvered her smoothly and a bit erotically around the open floor. He dipped her taking a glance at her full chest, he wished he could touch her more but knew the present company wouldn’t approve. He smirked at her gazing into her eyes with a fiery passion.

Riley could feel her pulse quicken with his gaze. The way he danced with her made her feel almost naughty. She may have gone too far by sitting on his lap and flirting. She would have to remember to be more reserved when it came to Damon. She could tell that he thought of ripping her clothes off right here. It scared her, but thrilled her at the same time. There was just something dangerous about him that she found incredibly attractive.

“Damon, that’s enough,” Chris said frowning at him, “She’s just learning to dance, you shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Doing what? We were just dancing,” Damon said with a shrug. Chris glared at him.

“I think it’s time for lunch,” Chris said looking over at Riley, “Princess Rose, why don’t we break for food. Would you please get the cart?”

“Yes,” Riley said smoothing down her skirt. She walked out of the room and into the kitchen. One of the guys must have taken the cart back while she was dancing because it was already in the kitchen filled with finger foods, including some delicious looking fruit kebabs. Riley smiled at Mrs. White and pushed the cart down the hall. She took one of the grapes and popped it into her mouth. Chris was still glaring at Damon who sat glaring back at Chris. Riley took a deep breath and then picked up a kebab. She sat next to Rex and fed him a strawberry. Rex smiled while he chewed the sweet fruit. Riley took a piece of melon and looked at Chris while she gently sucked the sweet fruit before pushing it past her lips and eating it. Chris’ jaw dropped. Damon laughed.

“Learning from the master, are we?” Damon asked looking at Riley, she laughed and a drop of the juice from the melon fell onto her cleavage.

“And that is why I didn’t give you white,” Damon said laughing. Riley blushed and took the napkin Evan offered her. She dabbed the spot and then her mouth. Chris smiled warmly at her.

“She is beautiful in pink, though,” Chris said picking up another fruit kebab and sitting next to Riley, “Does the princess want me to feed her? I am your humble servant.”

Riley laughed, “What is a princess to do with so many handsome servants about?”

The guys laughed and dug into the food on the cart. Chris fed riley the fruit and Rex fed her a little sandwich. Riley laughed.

“I’m not sure how hygienic feeding me is. You guys better not get me sick. I have to be beautiful for the ball you know,” Riley said laughing.

“Princess we would not dream of it,” Chris said taking her hand and kissing it. Riley smiled at him.

“Princess, shall we begin the second round of dancing. You have the waltz down, now let’s try the Tango,” Syd said, “But first you must take off your shoes. We’ll learn it barefoot first.”

Riley took off her boots and took Syd’s hand. It took most of the afternoon to learn the moves for that dance.

“Syd, how did you get to be such a good dancer?” Riley asked as he swung her around.

“My mom’s a ballroom dancer. I honestly think that is how my dad fell in love with her. She taught me to dance in her spare time,” Syd said twisting his hips. Riley laughed.

“Syd, it’s close to dinner time. I think you should give the poor girl a break,” Evan said.

“Do all of you know how to dance like this?” Riley asked.

“Of course, how do you think his mom kept us entertained over the summer?” Damon said. Riley fanned herself as she sat on one of the chairs.

“Would you like some water?” Chris asked walking in with water bottles for everyone. Riley smiled and took one from him.

“Oh, Chris you are an angel. Thank you, that’s just what I needed,” Riley said gulping some water.

“I think I’m going to forgo this week too, and put you in some dance practice clothes,” Syd said, “I’m sure Damon would love to see you in a leotard or something skin tight.”

“Thanks… I think,” Riley replied drinking some more water, “I have to go take a shower before dinner, later guys.”

Riley got up and walked out of the room. She went and took a shower. When she got out she put on a pair of shorts and a tank top.

“Good, evening Mrs. White. I don’t have anything nice to wear,” Riley said washing her hands and helping Mrs. White get the plates ready.

“Oh, where are all your pretty dresses now?” Elizabeth asked coming into the kitchen.

“I’m out of them. The problem is they’re dry clean only,” Riley said.

“I’ll take them tomorrow when I take all the other clothes,” Mrs. White said, “There is a lot to take when we have six men under the roof.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and took the cart to the dining room. Riley shook her head and started washing the dishes.

“Thank you, Mrs. White. I would really appreciate you doing that for me,” Riley said. Mrs. White sat down with her plate.

“Riley, come eat. The dishes can wait until after we eat,” Mrs. White said eating her food. Riley wiped her hands off and made herself a plate. She enjoyed chatting with Mrs. White while eating her dinner. When they finished Mrs. White helped her with the dishes.

“Hey, Riles,” Damon said walking in as they were finishing up.

“Hey, Damon, what’s up?” Riley asked.

“You want to go for a walk with me?” he asked.

“Sure,” Riley said, “Good night, Mrs. White.”

“Good night, dear,” Mrs. White said.

Damon put his arm around Riley and led her out to the back garden.

“I’m sorry about earlier, Damon,” Riley said as they walked, “I had to get back at you, though. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings too bad.”

“No, I’m fine,” Damon replied, “You looked great dancing in that outfit today.”

“Really, I felt like a clumsy idiot. Do you really think I’m catching on okay?” Riley asked. Damon pulled her around to face him.

“I think you were beautiful,” Damon said pulling her into his arms. His blue eyes sending shivers down her spine. She could feel her heart quicken as he leaned forward. His soft lips pressed against hers and Riley kissed him back. His hands pressed her against him as he deepened the kiss.

“Oh, no, I can’t do this Damon,” Riley said pulling away, “I know you’re very nice, but I just can’t get involved with any of you. I have plans for my life and I don’t want them ruined.”

“What are you talking about it’s just a kiss?” Damon asked.

“ I don’t see you as the type to stick with one person for the rest of your life, and that’s what I want,” Riley said shaking her head, “Good night, Damon.”

Riley ran back to the house. Damon ran his hand through his hair watching her leave.

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