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Take me away

Chapter Seven

Riley was surprised to find a hunter green dress and heels in the closet, she thought Syd said dance clothes, these didn’t look like clothes to practice dance in. She grabbed them and ran to the bathroom to change so her sister wouldn’t see it. The dress did look very pretty and wasn’t as tight as the other one Evan picked. She slipped her feet into the heels and took a breath before walking out, if she was lucky Mrs. White would have coffee ready and she could avoid her sister this morning. She stepped out of the bathroom to find the five guys waiting for her.

“Are you ready?” Chris asked.

“Ready to serve you breakfast?” Riley asked, “What are you guys up to?”

“We are going somewhere today,” Evan said with a shrug, “This place is getting boring.”

“Do you have a passport?” Rex asked tapping on a small black cell phone.

“Yeah, I think it’s still good,” Riley replied.

“She thinks… let’s keep it in the country and get Riley a new passport for our trip after the ball,” Rex said tapping some more.

“It takes a while to get a passport,” Riley said shaking her head.

“For commoners, it’s all about who you know,” Rex said, “We could have yours pushed forward and get it back in a few days.”

“New York it is!” Syd said.

“New York… today?” Riley asked.

“Aaww doesn’t she look sweet when she’s confused,” Chris said patting her head.

“And how are we going to get there?” Riley asked getting her purse.

“How else? My private jet,” Damon replied laughing.

“Road trip!” Evan shouted.

“That’s not exactly a road trip. We’re not going in a car,” Riley said shaking her head.

Chris put his arm through hers and guided her to the door he called, “Bye Mrs. White, see you tomorrow!”

Mrs. White waved to her.

“But I don’t have a bag packed or anything,” Riley said.

“We are going shopping,” Chris said shaking his head, “What do you need a bag for?”

“Deodorant, toothbrush, uhm… the pick for my hair,” Riley listed.

“We are going shopping, you don’t need that stuff; you’re getting your hair done anyway. Don’t your hotels provide you with that stuff?” Syd asked.

“No,” Riley said, “They give little shampoo and conditioner bottles, lotions, maybe coffee but it’s usually gross.”

“What kind of hotels do you stay at?” Damon asked looking appalled.

“Must be commoner hotels,” Syd whispered and gave her a look of pity. Riley shook her head.

She was ushered into a limo and the others piled in after her.

“So we are all going to buy new clothes?” Riley asked.

“Of course! It will be fun!” Evan said as the limo took off to the airport.

“Wow, it must be good to go wherever you feel like. I’ve actually never been to New York,” Riley said, “But I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Breakfast is on the plane today,” Damon said sipping from a travel mug.

“Want some coffee?” Chris asked handing her a travel mug. Riley smiled and took it.

“That’s exactly what I needed,” Riley said sipping from the mug.

“We talked to Mrs. White this morning. She said it was okay to kidnap you,” Syd said laughing, “She gave us these coffees.”

“Thanks, Mrs. White…” Riley said shaking her head, “I think she just wanted you guys out of her hair for a few days.”

“We should be back by tomorrow evening,” Rex said, “We’ll stay at my parent’s hotel. They own a hotel chain you know.”

“Are you sure they have enough rooms for us?” Riley asked.

“Oh, yes we have the penthouse suite. We’ll each get our own room. It has eight rooms and is only for my family’s use. It is the entire top floor after all,” Rex replied, “I made sure to let them know there will be a female among us.”

“Thank you,” Riley said looking at him incredulously. Man these guys are really rich. She felt vulnerable to have to rely on them. Riley had always been on the independent side and they were pushing her out of her comfort zone… again.

“Oh, let’s go to Madison Ave,” Syd said.

“Yeah, I would not be able to afford anything there,” Riley said.

“Ha, that’s funny,” Evan said, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Yeah, you’re just our charity case, we’ll write it off on our taxes,” Syd said laughing.

“You know I’m holding hot coffee, right?” Riley asked.

“What?” Syd asked, “I’m far enough away.”

Riley shook her head and took a sip of coffee.

“You’re just lucky I love coffee too much to waste it,” Riley said raising an eyebrow. Syd laughed, his green eyes twinkling.

“Hey, let’s go to that Apple store! Riley needs a new phone. I can put her on our friends and family plan,” Chris said, “Then we can call her when we need something. Less walking for you, Princess.”

“Yeah, and we could get the food and stuff faster,” Evan said.

“Why am I thinking a phone is a bad idea?” Riley said picturing a bell app that they would use to drive her crazy.

“Princess Rose, you know you love us,” Chris said batting his eyes at her.

“How did I get stuck on this trip again?” Riley asked.

“Because you love us,” Chris said and Riley laughed.

“Yes, I love you faithful servants,” Riley said and then had an idea, “Since I am your princess I expect you to take me to ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty.”

“Why would you want to go there?” Damon asked.

“I’ve never been to New York before, those are the must see’s right? I’d like to see them at some point,” Riley replied.

“And that’s why she’s our charity case. You’re so dull. You’d rather see sites than shop?” Syd said shaking his head. Riley narrowed her eyes at him.

“Don’t forget who the princess is, Syd,” Riley said pointing at him.

“Sorry, your highness,” Syd said with a laugh.

“I suppose we could take you to those places,” Rex said, “But you have to try on the clothes we give you with no complaints.”

“What about what Damon picks out,” Syd whispered.

“Okay, few complaints,” Rex said.

“Hey, I heard that,” Damon said shaking his head.

“Don’t forget, it is princess week. So, starting tomorrow we have to make her look like a princess,” Chris said, “Rex is first since he started last time.”

“Who won this week?” Riley asked. They looked at each other.

“Which one did you like the most? As far as the prettiest goes,” Syd asked.

“I’d have to say the first dress was my favorite,” Riley said.

“I win!” Rex said.

“No, we didn’t vote. I liked Damon’s, it was very girly,” Evan said.

“Yeah, but we were going for pretty, not girly,” Rex said.

“Yeah, but they were kind of the same thing,” Chris said, “I vote Damon.”

“I vote Rex’s,” Syd said.

“So, it’s a tie, three for Rex and three for Damon,” Chris said pulling out his phone, “Time for tie breaker.”

He dialed a number and he asked, “Did you like the first dress or the pink one with the boots more?... uh-huh…okay, thank you, Mrs. White. We’ll see you later, bye.”

“So, who is it?” Syd asked.

“Damon won this week, sorry Rex. Maybe next week,” Chris said.

“I win!” Damon shouted.

“Oh, we’re never going to hear the end of this,” Evan said with a groan, “But I do think his was the prettiest.”

They arrived at the airport and went straight to the private jet.

“Wow, I’ve never been in one of these. It looks like one from a movie. Look at these chairs!” Riley said sitting on a comfortable leather chair. The guys looked at her with wide eyes.

“Don’t forget, she is a commoner,” Syd whispered. Riley looked at them and laughed.

“Not everyone has their own private jet, you know. You do need people to fly them,” Riley said shaking her head.

“And how do you commoners normally fly?” Damon asked.

“I fly in coach. In chairs that don’t move and aren’t as comfortable,” Riley said.

“Probably crowded, too. I think I’ve seen movies with that type of seating,” Syd said shaking his head and sitting across from her, “Poor charity case.”

“Syd, you are asking to get hit or put in the dungeon or something,” Riley said shaking her fist at him. Syd shrugged smiling at her.

“Okay, everyone take a seat. We’re going to take off soon,” Damon said and everyone found a spot. Chris sat on the couch across from Riley.

“So, Princess Rose, what will we do first?” Chris asked.

“Can we see the Statue of Liberty? I always wanted to see that,” Riley said. Syd groaned.

“Okay, the Statue it is, then Madison Avenue,” Chris said and Syd perked up.

“So just to be sure, what type of princess are we going for?” Rex asked pulling his phone out. He started touching the screen.

“I say it’s any type,” Chris said, “We’ll leave it open for variety.”

“Excellent,” Rex said looking at Riley with a smirk. Riley sighed, once again feeling like a real-life Barbie. At least the trip to New York would be comfortable. Riley looked out the window as the plane took off. When it leveled off a steward came by with a cart that had a variety of breakfast foods on it.

“Ladies first,” Damon said smiling. Riley got up and made herself a plate.

“How do you guys stay so fit?” Riley asked as she sat back down and started eating.

“Oh, we work out when you’re not watching,” Damon said laughing, “We have trainers, usually after dinner about five times a week.”

“We do have to keep up our appearance,” Evan said, “I’m actually a black belt.”

“Yeah, he’s really good,” Chris said, “You should work out with us some time.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Riley replied.

“Of course you wouldn’t. You do have some weight to lose,” Damon said with a smirk. Riley narrowed her eyes and launched a grape at him and he actually caught it in his mouth. Riley’s angry face turned into a laugh.

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