Bored Rich Guys

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Chapter Eight

Riley was so excited to travel in luxury. She ran over to the tan couch on the other side of the plane.

“Look Chris, there it is! It’s huge,” Riley said tapping Chris’ shoulder. Chris laughed turning to watch her facial expression. Riley looked at him and smiled.

“This is amazing, you guys are so lucky,” Riley said. Chris smiled back at her.

“This was a good idea,” Chris said to the other guys.

“Agreed,” Syd said with a smile.

“Please have a seat, miss. We are coming in for a landing,” the steward said. Riley turned around and sat down. She put her arms around Chris and kissed his cheek. Chris laughed.

“Oh, I’m so excited. I get to see the Statue of Liberty,” Riley said clapping, “Oh, sorry. I got away from myself for a moment.”

The guys laughed.

“I don’t remember ever getting that excited about New York, but I guess I’ve been here so many times that it doesn’t faze me,” Rex said with a shrug.

“I still can’t believe she’s making us go to the Statue of Liberty. I guess this is a cultural field trip, huh,” Syd said resting his head on his hand like he was bored just talking about it. Riley rolled her eyes.

“Hey, I put up with all the stuff you guys do without complaining so shut up and smile,” Riley said pointing a finger at him. Syd sat up and made the funniest fake smile Riley had ever seen.

“Aww, you can do better than that!” Riley said, “Come on, give me something that won’t make me want to puke.”

Syd laughed and made a better smile, “Yes Princess Rose, heaven forbid she ever see any of her servants be grumpy.”

“Damn straight,” Riley said putting her nose in the air and crossing her arms.

“Ha, I don’t think a princess says damn straight,” Rex said.

“Rex, you are in contempt. Off with his head!” Riley said as the door opened and they made their way out of the plane.

“But Princess, if I have no head how will you get into your hotel room?” Rex asked putting an arm over her shoulders.

“Alright, I guess I must forgive you, this time,” Riley said putting her arm behind his back and giving him a small squeeze. Rex laughed and squeezed her back. He guided her to the waiting limo.

“Jared, we are going to make a stop at the Statue of Liberty for Princess Rose,” Rex said to the driver before getting in with the rest of them. Riley had a hard time prying her eyes from the window at all the sights and sounds around her. She had never been to such a big city. It was only her third time flying and a private jet was very different from coach. She also wasn’t used to being driven around in limos. She felt like a movie star in her stylish clothes and being treated so well.

“Thanks, guys,” Riley said, “I just realized I didn’t say thank you for bringing me along.”

“No problem, Princess,” Evan said giving her a hug. Riley smiled and hugged him back. They pulled up to the Ferry building and got out of the car. Riley stood and stared up at it across the water.

“Wow, it’s even bigger than I've imagined. I wish I had a camera,” Riley said looking up. Chris took his phone out and took a picture of her.

“Look, another reason you should have your own phone,” Chris said laughing. They walked up to the entrance and Riley got in the long line.

“What are you doing?” Evan asked.

“We have to get tickets to get in,” Riley said. Evan put his arm around her and guided her to the doors where a man was waiting for them.

“Yeah, we don’t do lines. Princess, did you forget you are a princess?” Evan asked as the man opened the door and guided them to a ferry boat, leading them to a room on the top deck. They ventured over the water to Liberty Island, gazing up at the statue she stared in wonder. She felt like such a tourist trying to take everything in.

"Hurry up, they're going to go in without us," Chris said giving her a nudge. Syd glumly played with his phone as he followed them around.

“Syd, you’re a buzz kill, come on. This is awesome, look, you can see all of New York from up here,” Riley said looking out at the city from the crown of the statue. Syd looked up and shrugged. Riley sighed giving up.

“Riley, come over here,” Chris said, “Look at that tall building right there.”

Riley walked over to him and looked at where he was pointing.

“What is it?” Riley asked.

“That’s our room,” Chris said and Riley laughed.

“Can we go yet?” Syd asked, “I’m so bored.”

“Syd, come on, its Riley’s first time here,” Rex said, “Let’s go back to the ground and wait for them.”

“Thanks, Rex,” Riley said waving to them.

“He’s not going to be like that when we go to Ground Zero, will he?” Riley asked.

“We’re not taking him. Evan is going to take him somewhere else,” Chris said smiling.

“Why do I have to take him? I want to stay with the Princess,” Evan said pouting.

“Because you owe me,” Chris replied.

“Alright, I’m babysitting him tomorrow,” Evan said with a shrug. Riley grinned and they finished the tour meeting the others after.

“Geez, took you long enough,” Syd complained. Rex smacked him on the arm.

“Ow, sorry I’ll behave. Let’s go,” Syd said. They took a tour of Ellis Island and the museum there before getting back to the limo, by then Syd's complaining was getting on everyone's nerves and they were glad to be back at the port. They got back into the limo and made their way to this huge Apple store. Riley was impressed with how large the place was. Who would have thought that there would be so many different electronic devices? She could never afford any of the latest technology; she had to wait until the prices went down. Riley followed them noticing how a lot of people stared, wondering who they were to look so rich and be driven around in a limo. Chris brought her out of her reverie by handing her a phone.

“Chris, I don’t know about this,” Riley said trying to hand it back.

“No, keep it. If we get separated, we’ll be able to call. We already put our numbers in,” Chris said.

“Alright, let’s go to Madison Ave and get some real shopping done. I’m hoping for some ideas for the dress I’m picking this week,” Evan said.

“Can we get some food while we’re there?” Riley asked, “It’s been a while since breakfast.”

“Anything for the princess,” Rex said laughing, “I’m kind of hungry, too.”

They made it to Madison Ave and went on the hunt for food. Riley stopped to look in a window of a designer store, she could have sworn she saw her favorite actor. She waited to see if the person would turn around so she could see him. The guy turned and she realized it wasn’t him. When she turned back around the guys were gone.

“Aww, crap,” Riley said hitting her sides, “It’s a good thing he got me that phone.”

Reaching into her purse she took one more look around to see if she could find them, when she saw a scruffy man walking toward her. She paid no mind to the man, hoping he didn’t ask her for money since she didn’t have much on her. She pulled out the phone and started texting Chris. When the man was about to pass her, he pulled out a knife and slashed at the shoulder her purse was on. Riley screamed and pain shot through her shoulder. She reached up to cover the spot when she saw the blood pouring from the cut. She screamed again and put pressure on the area. The man took off running with her purse in tow. Riley could feel the tears falling from her eyes as a person came running over to her. She looked up to see the man had stopped and Evan stood in front of him.

“No, Evan! Run, he has a knife!” Riley shouted getting up running towards them with her hand over the cut. The guy pulled his bloody knife out at Evan and Riley screamed again putting her free hand over her mouth. Evan dodged the knife and hit the guy in the shoulder. He then kicked the guy in the stomach, causing the thief to double over. Evan skillfully maneuvered away from a punch that the bad guy threw. Riley couldn’t believe what she was watching.

“Princess!” Chris called running up to her and wrapping his arms around her. Riley’s eyes teared up seeing her friend.

“I told you it was her purse,” Syd said walking up.

“Riley what happened, you were with us and then all the sudden you were gone,” Chris said .

Riley started crying, “I’m so sorry. I saw something in the window and stopped to look. Chris I’m scared.”

“It’s okay, Princess. Your princes are here to rescue you,” Chris said squeezing her tighter. Riley cried out in pain. She was feeling very dizzy all of the sudden. She staggered back a little and Chris reached out to steady her.

“Riley, are you okay?” Chris said jumping back. That’s when he saw the blood. Chris and Syd’s eyes widened. Syd pulled out his phone and called 9-1-1.

“Oh my god, Riley, did he do that to you?” Chris asked. Riley nodded her head and then she felt really weird. She never experienced tunnel vision before, but Chris suddenly looked really far away. Riley looked at him and reached for him before everything went black. Chris caught her before she could hit the pavement.

“Put some pressure on it, Chris,” Syd said handing him his shirt. A lady screamed next to them. Chris looked up to see the bad guy fall as a police officer came running. Evan grabbed her purse with the cut strap before running over to Chris and Syd. Rex and Damon followed surrounding Riley.

“What’s going on here?” the police officer asked kneeling next to Chris and Riley.

“That man took my friends bag,” Evan said, “I got it back for her.”

“He cut her when he cut the strap,” Chris said, “She passed out on me.”

“Everyone back up,” the police officer called to the crowd. Another police officer was cuffing the bad guy. The sirens of the ambulance came.

“Chris, go with her and we’ll meet you there,” Syd said. Chris picked Riley up and carried her through the growing crowd to the ambulance.

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