Bored Rich Guys

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All the feels

Chapter Nine

Riley opened her eyes to see Chris holding her hand and looking into her eyes.

“Wha- What happened?” Riley asked furrowing her brow.

“You were attacked and you passed out,” Chris said brushing a strand of hair from her face.

“Oh, yeah, I remember being attacked, not so much the passing out,” Riley said sitting up and looking at her shoulder. There was a bandage covering the area where she was cut.

“You had to get stitches,” Chris said, “They just numbed the area. They said when you woke up we could leave. You want to get something to eat?”

“Oh my stars, yes, I’m starving, where is everyone else?” Riley asked as Chris helped her off the hospital bed.

“Well after I found out it was just stitches I told them to stay and look around. I told them I’d stay with you and make sure you were okay,” Chris said, “It scared the crap out of me when you passed out.”

“Yeah, sorry. I’ve never passed out before. I think it was all that blood,” Riley said.

“They wanted you to eat first, but I figured you wouldn’t want hospital food and I promised to take you to eat something as soon as you got up,” Chris said, “I already paid the bill for the stitches, so let’s go.”

Riley smiled taking his hand and following him out.

“There’s a diner right out here,” Chris said, “Let’s get something to eat and you can have some of the Tylenol they prescribed for the soreness.”

“Oh, Chris, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin this trip for you guys,” Riley said.

“What? What are you talking about? We got your back princess. Plus I get some alone time with you,” Chris said kissing her hand and wiggling his eyebrows.

“Chris you make it hard to resist you,” Riley said leaning on his shoulder.

“So don’t,” Chris said with a shrug. Riley laughed.

“So what will I do when I end up pregnant and alone? My grandma is gone now, it's not like I can just run home,” Riley said. It was hard for her to get over the fact that her mother left her at her grandma’s house, as another kid for her grandma to take care of. Riley sadly looked away.

“Riley, I would never do that to you, trust me,” Chris said kissing the top of her head.

“You guys are my knights in shining armor today,” Riley said, “Risking danger to come to my rescue.”

“Evan did tell you he was a black belt,” Chris said laughing. He opened the door to the diner for her.

“Wait, Riley. Why don’t we get a little something to go and eat at the hotel,” Chris said looking down.

“Okay, I guess,” Riley replied following his gaze to the dried blood all over her dress, “Oh, I think that’s a good idea. That way I can take a shower and change. Oh, wait. I can’t because you guys didn’t get to go shopping.”

“That’s all right. I’ll have the other guys pick us up something and drop it off at the room. I’ll stay with you tonight. They wanted to go out to a club,” Chris said pulling out his phone and touching the screen quickly.

“Wow, you are a fast typer,” Riley said laughing.

Chris laughed, “Go order something quick like a sandwich or something.”

Riley laughed and went over to the counter and ordered a sandwich to go. Then she went to pay but realized her purse was still gone. She turned and Chris was right there handing the money to the lady behind the register.

“Thanks,” Riley said as they waited for the sandwich.

“No, problem. I think Evan still has your purse,” Chris said putting his arm around her waist and kissing the top of her head, “I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you, Riley.”

Riley looked up into his eyes surprised at him. For one thing he called her Riley and not Princess Rose. It was like she was seeing another side of the spoiled rich guy, a softer side that actually seemed to care.

“I’m serious, of all the women in the world you are one of the nicest and most giving,” Chris said, “I see all that you do to help Mrs. White and Elizabeth without being asked. I just don’t like people like Elizabeth taking advantage of your kindness. I think that’s why we like to hang out with you so much.”

“Thank you Chris, that’s so sweet of you,” Riley said putting her hand on the side of his face.

“So, I wanted to talk to you about dating in secret. I want to ask you out, but it wouldn’t be right of me with the other guys around. So I wanted to secretly date you for now, you know without saying anything to the guys. After summer we can really date,” Chris said pulling her close and touching his nose to hers.

“That won’t work, we would secretly date and then go off to college and you will forget all about me,” Riley whispered.

“I could never forget about you, you are too sweet and beautiful,” Chris said, “I could take my dad’s plane on the weekends to see you at your college.”

Riley sighed, “I guess it won’t hurt to try.”

“That’s my princess,” Chris said kissing her lightly on the lips.

“Your sandwich,” the person behind the counter said handing Riley a bag.

“Thanks,” Riley said and they left the diner. Riley took his hand as they walked out. A nice car pulled up and the driver got out and opened the door for them. Riley smiled and stepped in. She opened the bag and took a bite of the sandwich.

“I’m sorry Chris, but I’m starving,” Riley said between bites.

“I don’t mind, you did lose a lot of blood,” Chris replied getting in behind her. He reached over and held her hand. Riley smiled at him. The traffic was ridiculous as they slowly made their way to the hotel. Chris sat back and closed his eyes. She could hear him breathing softly as she watched the people walking faster than the car was going. They made their way to the hotel where they got a lot of strange looks as they walked to the counter.

“Here is the key for the elevator, Mr. Jameson,” the lady behind the counter said handing him a small key.

“Thank you,” Chris said and he guided Riley to the elevators. Riley looked around the nicely decorated hotel.

“This is the only elevator that goes to the top floor,” Chris said, “There are other ones over there, but we have to wait for this one.”

“Really, wow, that’s nice. This place is amazing. I can’t believe Rex’s family owns this place,” Riley whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” Chris asked in a whisper. Riley laughed.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to get yelled at for being too loud,” Riley replied in a whisper.

“Ha, they wouldn’t dare yell at you,” Chris said laughing, “You really think they would risk their job by yelling at a friend of Rex’s?”

The elevator door opened and the couple getting out gave Riley a dirty look. Chris narrowed his eyes at them and they quickly vacated the elevator. Chris guided her in and hit a button that opened a secret door. He put the small key in and turned it. The elevator started going up.

“Sorry, I think the couple freaked out from the blood on your dress,” Chris said, “I would have given you a jacket to cover it but I didn’t bring one, and it probably would have been bloody, too.”

“I understand,” Riley replied, “Do you think they’ll be here, yet?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure Syd is looking for a replacement dress for you. He wouldn’t let Rex take his turn yet because he felt bad about what happened. We didn’t even notice you stopped,” Chris replied, “There are robes though so you can take a shower and feel a little better. If you want I could put the new bandage on after.”

“I’d appreciate the help as long as you don’t peek,” Riley replied, “It’s hard for me to see there.”

“Just be careful and try not to get soap or shampoo in there,” Chris said. The elevator doors opened and Riley’s jaw just about hit the floor. The living room was huge and was open with huge windows that looked out over the whole city. There was all sorts of seating on comfy but modern couches and chairs. Riley walked over to the window brushing her hand along an arm of the sofa.

“Wow,” Riley said.

“They are mirrored so people can’t see in,” Chris said putting his arms around her waist from behind and kissing her neck, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Chris took her hand and guided her to one of the sets of double door down the hallway. He opened the double doors to a huge room with a giant bed in the middle.

“I’m lucky; I got a room with no morning sun. Syd likes having the sun, though. I guess it doesn’t really matter because they have these shades if you don’t want to look out or to block the sun,” Chris said.

“They look darker too,” Riley said.

“Oh, yes, they are darkened. You’re stuck with a morning sun room, too,” Chris said.

“Oh, but since we’re secretly dating you might be kind enough to trade,” Riley said raising an eyebrow.

Chris frowned, “Well if you really want to trade-.”

Riley laughed, “No, I was just kidding. I don’t mind the morning sun either.”

“Good,” Chris said kissing her cheek, “The bathrooms over here.”

He walked over to another set of doors and opened them to a large bathroom with a jet tub in the floor and huge shower with many shower heads. There was a toilet and a bidet in there as well as two sinks.

“Oh, I love this bathroom. I’m a tub person. I could so sit in the tub with a good book for hours,” Riley said walking over to the tub and touching the rim.

“Did you want to take a bath?” Chris asked taking off his shirt, “I could start the tub for you.”

“I would but with the stitches so new I don’t think it’s such a good idea. I’ll just take a shower,” Riley said, “You know you are not joining me, right?”

“Oh, I wasn’t joining you,” Chris said walking over to the sink and running water over a washcloth. He scrubbed the area on his chest that had some dried blood on it.

“I just had to get the blood off. I’ll be out of here in just a minute,” Chris said walking over to her and kissing her, “I’m really glad you are okay. When I saw the blood I just about flipped.”

Riley took the cloth and helped him scrub the spot. Then she kissed it.

“Thank you for helping me,” Riley said. Chris smiled and went to the closet where there were towels and robes he took one of each out and set them down on a bench near the shower.

“You get in the shower and I’ll order room service,” Chris said, “I think you’ll want some steak. You could use the iron.”

“Steak’s fine,” Riley replied watching him leave. She unzipped the dress, wincing a little as she pulled it down. The area around the stitches felt so sore and tender as the numbness started to wear off, she knew she would be feeling it in the morning. She still couldn’t believe Evan, sweet Evan, beating the crap out of that guy. His personality was so nice that it was hard to wrap her head around him hitting someone that hard. She turned the water on and took the bandage off. She grimaced looking in the mirror. There was some dried blood still around the black threads and the area around it looked purple and red. She felt like a zombie princess now.

She sighed and got into the shower. The warm water felt so good on her tight, sore muscles. She scrubbed the blood from her chest and stomach. Then she looked at the nice shampoo and conditioner they had. This was nothing like the hotels she stayed at. The guys would be tortured in a cheap hotel room, Riley though shaking her head. She could hear Syd now; ‘This is the size of my closet’ he would say. She laughed and washed her hair, enjoying the massaging spray a little while longer. Then she figured she better get out before they came looking, if they were even back yet. Riley turned around slowly once more before getting out. The towel was so soft. She wrapped it around her and opened the door to the bedroom. Chris turned from where he was looking out the window.

“You ready for the bandage?” he asked walking over to her, “They gave me this stuff like Neosporin to help reduce scarring.”

Chris walked over to her with a paper bag.

“Wow, that looks gross,” he said looking at the stitches.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to scrub it,” Riley said, “I’ll wash it better in a few days when it gets a little more healed up. Until then, just call me zombie Princess Rose.”

Chris laughed, “You’re too beautiful to be a zombie princess.”

“I’m not going to look very pretty at your ball now,” Riley said with a frown.

“By then the stitches will be almost ready to come out so we could just use a dress that covers them and it won’t irritate the area,” Chris said, “You still have to come. It’s a law.”

Riley laughed, “If you still want me there I’ll come.”

Chris gently put the clear gel over the cut and then put the gauze on top. He taped the gauze to her skin.

“I just feel like I could have prevented it if I just kept a closer eye on you,” Chris said kissing the top of her shoulder when he was done. He turned her around and pushed her back into the bathroom.

“Don’t blame yourself, Chris. You didn’t cut me,” Riley said.

“Go get your robe on, the guys will be here soon,” Chris said nodding in the direction of the robe. Then he left the bedroom. Riley dropped the towel and put the soft robe on. She couldn’t believe how soft it was. She probably looked silly but she couldn’t help rubbing it on her cheek. Then she closed it up. She felt weird wearing just a robe so she put her underwear back on. Chris’ shirt was in there as well. She hadn’t realized that the blood had soaked his shirt, too.

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