Sinning Love

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Chapter 10

That evening, I resumed working on a translation job I had for the weekend. My deadline was Saturday night, so she still had plenty of time but I wanted to go out on Friday.

That was the most important advantage I have working as a freelance journalist online. I can choose my own hours and my own price.

When it reached 10:30 pm, my phone lit up from where it sat next to her laptop. Thinking about me? She sighed. She knew he'd contact her at some point. Today felt so wrong, yet so good.

You wish. D: i do but what i do actually wish is having my thick dick inside you again. Guess he wants more. Oh really? I was throwing myself in the wolves' den and may be punished next time. Taking you once is enough. It was a mistake.

Do you have plans for Sunday? He could be an asshole just like his brother. God damn it. No. D: great, I'll pick you up at 10 am.

He wasn't asking me if that was okay or not, he was informing her he would be picking her up at 10 am. I bit my lower lip in anticipation already. He was homemade to dominate, and although she knew it was wrong, it felt so right.

Wear a dress, no underwear.

Sounds like fun ;)

The next morning: As I got out of the shower, I heard a knock on the door. Her roommate opened the door, only to call out for her loudly, as always.

"Yes?" I peered at the door, expecting to see Amanda or someone I knew. What I found instead was a bouquet of flowers laying on the ground.

"It could be yours, Heather."

"Tony isn't the romantic type."

I picked up the flowers before closing the door, fearing she may have been seen in only a towel. My heart pounded as I thought about the fact that Daniel could have sent them. But then again, the flowers looked cheap. He didn't have that bad of taste.

"Hope we could make up. Meet me at Starbucks at 6 pm?"

The flowers were not from who she wanted.

I took the flowers and threw them in the trash. What an ass! Who the hell does Cody think he is, asking me out as if nothing happened!

At least Cody asks me out instead of ordering me around, but Daniel's sex-drive made me crazy and I simply couldn't stay away from him.

Once I finished preparing myself, I checked my watch. I had enough time to get some breakfast before heading to college.

On my way out, I got my phone from my purse and called Cody.. "Hey you," was his enthusiastic response. "I was hoping you'd call."

"Not sure what you'd been hoping to hear what I have to say though."

"I'm all ears."

"I do NOT want to meet up with you, not in Starbucks or elsewhere."


"What part off we are OVER did you not get?" anger made me sarcastic occasionally.

I thought you just needed space," he said with a fake, sad tone in his voice.

"Well, you thought wrong, I want NOTHING to do with you. Do not contact me again. Have a nice day." I ended the call before he had the time to come up with a dumb excuse, resulting in him only making it worse.

"Talking to yourself now, Michelle?"

"The douche-bag pisses me off so much, ugh! Don't even get me started!"

"Forget about him."

"Already did."

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