Sinning Love

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Chapter 11

The week went by in a blur, until Sunday arrived. The big day for me, making me both excited and nervous about embarrassing myself. Daniel might be used to such things but the little goody-two-shoes she used to be wasn't.

I grabbed 3 dresses and laid them on the bed, looking at each one before making the decision. One was red, one royal blue and the last one was black.

Black could never go wrong, but it was the safe choice. I was then down to two dresses. The red dress was not only daring but in shape with a heart shaped neckline- no straps- that molded to my chest nicely ; the royal blue whoever was more casual, had a decent v-neckline and reached her mid-calves.

She was in her underwear, facing the mirror, and holding both dresses, trying to see what she would look like wearing them. I inhaled deeply and threw the royal blue on the bed. My mind was set on seducing Daniel Davidson to the best of my ability.

For the first time in a while, I put on foundation and concealer. Amanda often told me that with my skin tone, I did't need any. But since I barely slept last night, I didn't want to show the bags under my eyes. I definitely was excited and feeling adventurous but Daniel didn't need to know that.

I glanced at my watch seeing it was 9 am. Still an hour to wait. After putting the red dress on, came off the final touch... taking off her underwear.

I looked back and made sure Heather was still sleeping. I wanted to text Daniel, to tell him I was ready, but that indefinitely would make myself look desperate for him. Although deep down, I needed him more than anything but there was no reason to humiliate myself.

This was no regular date. This was a kinky date. A forbidden teacher-student date. I didn't want to ruin it.

In order to stop thinking about him, I turned on my laptop to watch some funny pet videos. Before she knew it, a message came across her phone that said, I'm outside your dorm.

I turned off my laptop and slowly stood up. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and took a deep breath before opening the door. As soon as she saw him outside, she noticed his black truck and made a direct beeline to it. He stepped out, smirking.

He was wearing dark blue jeans and a white shirt that hugged his chest.

"You look amazing," she couldn't help but tell him. And I was truly sincere as I said it.

"I look under dressed," he chuckled, his eyes locked on mine, making me blush. I didn't know where I was going and I needed to step up my A-game. "I could go change."

"Oh, fuck no, you look stunning. Sure, I'll have to chase the men away, but I like that you dressed up just for me."

Like the gentleman that he was, he opened the door for me and helped me in, impressing me even more. His hands on my waist already set me on fire.

"By the way, if you had any doubts about being mine, I'll make sure you understand and fully accept that once the day ends." He closed the door and soon enough was sitting next to her in the drivers' seat.

After a few minutes of complete silence, he told her firmly while holding cloth he retrieved from his pocket. "Kindly blindfold yourself."

I took the blindfold from him, not knowing what the fuck was going to happen next. "May I know where we're going?" I asked, once my eyes were completely covered, and the only thing I saw was darkness.

"Oh baby, I know you're smarter than this. What do you think the blindfold is for?"


Moments later, the truck came to stop and she felt his hand trail up her leg. "Open up."

My breathing shallow, I obeyed.

His hand traveled up until it met my wetness.

"Hmm, you did not disobey me."

"Of course not, sir."

He slid a finger inside of me, moaning at the pleasure. Then his finger disappeared, causing me to whimper in desire for him.

"Shh..." he told me, his wet finger against my lips. "Open up your mouth."

I did as I was told and tasted my own juice and as he pulled his finger out of my mouth, the truck started back up. "Good girl."

"Happy to please you, sir."

"I'm sure you are you. I have a nice plan for the day, and I can promise you one thing... you will cum many times."

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