Sinning Love

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Chapter 14

All through the shows Michelle watched, she had multiple orgasms thanks to Daniel's special panties. "I think you've had enough," he whispered in her ear while pressing the stop button.

I moaned at the loss. Just when I was about to cum.

Like he just read her mind, he leaned over and whispered, "You will cum many more times, baby. Don't you worry about that."

"Will I?"

"I'm a man of my word, so yes. You will."

"Can't wait." Should I admit I am officially starting to have feelings for him other than a dominant-submissive relationship? But, what are the feelings really supposed to feel? Lust? Of course. The need to please? Clearly. But was love included? I doubt it. I don't even want to bring up the subject ; I don't want to ruin the moment we are in.

He rose to his feet, bringing her out of her personal thoughts. "Let's go," he held out a hand for her to take.

Nervously, she stood up and began to follow him. "Where to, Dan?" Nathaniel asked from where we was sitting in the VIP section.

"Somewhere private."

"Can I join?"

Both of us said "NO" at the same time.

"Fine. Just a thought mate."

"Well, think more before you speak."

The guy simply rolled his eyes while Daniel took me away from him.

When they were a few feet away, he gave her the blindfold to put back on. I obeyed calmly, as if it was the most normal thing to do. In the world she was being dragged in, it most definitely was normal.

They walked a few inches before stopping.

"I'm going to give it to you good today," he told me as he brought me in front of him.

I could feel how hard he was through the thin material of the dress. And god only knew how much she liked it. At the least, that told me I wasn't the only one feeling the connection.

I heard doors opening and could only assume they were about to enter into the elevator.

As soon as the door closed, he pinned her up against the wall of the elevator. "Who do you belong to?" he asked while pulling slightly on my hair.

"I don't belong to anyone," I replied, a smirk starting to form on my face.

He pulled harder and asked one last time, "WHO do you belong to?" This time, the tone of his voice clearly showed I would be punished if I didn't answer the question correctly.

"To you," I felt nearly breathless, attracted to his voice. "To you, Daniel Davidson."

"Say the words."

"I belong to you," I said firmly before biting my lower lip.

"Good. Keep that in mind, at all times," he told me before softly brushing his lips against mine.

I wanted to deepen the kiss but that was put to a complete stop. Ugh! Damn it!

"We're in an elevator and there is a surveillance camera. You're going to get everything you want in the room. Give me 15 more seconds."

"You have 8 seconds before I make myself cum with my hand."

"Is that a threat?" He chuckled as he grabbed my hair.

"No," I kissed him lightly. "just a promise".

"I'm such a bad influence on you," he said, followed by a fake sigh.

"As long as you're good in bed, I don't mind so much," I said sweetly as the doors opened.


"I can't see a damn thing technically," I said jokingly.

"Yes, that's the reason why I made you put the blindfold on in the first place."

"I know."

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