Sinning Love

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Chapter 17

When Daniel got home he wasn't surprised to find the door not just locked but padlocked... the key alone didn't help. What was there to do besides bursting the door open with his shoulder?

Cody ran into him. "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"Kindly, do not test my patience, I have gone easy on you in front of Michelle, isn't that enough for one night?"

"How could you take her away from me to start with?"

"For once, I have to admit I did pursue her, but if you weren't the lying asshole that you are, she wouldn't have left you, not for me, not for anyone."

"How fucking dare you..."

Daniel shut him up, and closed the door the best he could, for he didn't want the neighbors to hear or see the scene.

"Are you trying to blow off the discussion just like this?" Cody asked, looking more composed.

"I think I just did," Daniel smirked as he opened his laptop and turned it on.

"I can't live with you anymore," Cody sighed. "I can't see you with her."

"You won't have to. I'm not going to bring her here. You're such a drama queen anyways."

"How can you call yourself my brother?"

"Because I'm the one busting my ass to pay your tuition fees for the next 3 years," Daniel looked him straight in the eyes while saying that, and Cody couldn't help but look sad.

"We've rented the other house."

"Not only is it not good enough, but you had to spend more than half your share on outfits and car bullshit like a child," Daniel rolled his eyes.

"I... I..." he couldn't think of anything to say with what he knew or at least he thought he knew about Daniel.

"I may be a bad boy, my sweet little Cody, but I'm a good brother."

And yes, he was. Only someone who cared about him deeply would pay 50,000 dollars for him to get into college.

Michelle didn't leave him because his brother snatched her away. She left him because he didn't deserve her, but Daniel might be worth her time.

*The next day: Michelle was not surprised at all to find Cody at the door of her dorm. She had been expecting his visit just not so soon after the fight with Daniel.

She sighed as she passed by him. He followed her and walked next to her.

"Something you need?"

"I just want to talk?"


"I'm just sorry. I was neither drunk or in the right mind to say what I said yesterday."

I stopped, shocked at what he just said. "I don't follow."

"I'm not angry at you anymore... Hell, I don't have the right to be."

"You do. You do have the right to be angry. It wasn't ever my intention to hurt you by dating Daniel. But it just happened. I couldn't...."

"Resist him," Cody said, looking into Michelle's eyes.

She blushed and that was the only answer he needed. The girl of his dreams was in love with his brother.

History always had a bad habit of repeating itself.

"I have yet to overgrow how jealous I am of him. I'm not as smart, independent or steady minded like him. While he was the star of the school, I lurked in the shadows. He had girls throwing themselves at him. I had trouble keeping my own girlfriend from falling for him. Our parents wanted him to become a doctor but he had his mind set on becoming an architect. They stopped at almost nothing to change his mind. But Daniel is Daniel..."

Michelle didn't know where all of this was coming from, but she was seeing a part of Cody that she never saw- the vulnerability. The part that, if she had seen before, it could have prevented the relationship to fall apart.

"He's a great guy and you're a great girl. Don't forget that."

I smiled, blushing in pure shock.

"At least one of us will be the most intelligent architect students. But I hope we could remain friends after I deal with my feelings."

"That's fine." As she looked down at her watch, she told him she had to go and they parted their ways.


"Was that Cody I saw you with?" Amanda asked without even greeting her.

"Good morning to you too."

"Yeah, yeah. Are you back together or something?"

"No. Hell to the NO!"

"You scared me for a minute there."

"I'm not crazy."

"I don't know who's making you happy these days, but he's a keeper."

I blushed and tried to deny the statement. "I don't know what you're talking about."


"I don't!"

"Michelle, you're an awful liar."

"He's good to me."

"I can see that. You're drowning in happiness." I smiled at Amanda.

"When can I meet him?"

"Not just yet. We just started dating."

"Okay, no pressure."

After 15 minutes of waiting, it seemed like the teacher was not going to come, so the two of them went to the cafeteria.

As soon as Michelle stepped into the conference room where he was suppose to be lecturing them, stood Daniel in full heaven as a blond gave him head, she froze.

"Vivian, please don't stop! Holy fuck!" She heard him say.

"Someone you know?" Amanda asked.

"No, not at all. Never seen her on campus."

As soon as Daniel looked up and saw her, he already detected the pain in her face. "Michelle! Wait! It's not what it looks like!"

"Whose that?"

"My girlfriend."


"Yes. I let this go too far." He shoved Vivian off of him and headed to the classroom

I resumed walking, feeling hurt already.

Looks like he is going back to his playboy ways. That is if he ever stopped.

After Vivian left, Daniel cleared his throat, looking embarrassed. "Sorry about that."

I rolled my eyes at him and looked away in hurt.

This was going to be a long lecture.

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