Sinning Love

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Chapter 1

Sure, Daniel is arrogant and possibly confident but was he really as bad as Cody described him to her? I don't know what to think anymore. I hate to admit it, but I already feel drawn to Daniel. He had charisma, something that Cody didn't have.

Was she going to be another one of Cody's girlfriends who end up in his brother's bed? She felt shivers down her spine as she feared she just might. He was so sexy, oh my god.
Their plans for the night had been a little ruined thanks to Daniel's arrival. Although Cody couldn't afford to wine and dine her as he would have liked, and then have her in his bed, squirming from pleasure, he had still planned on making her taste the best pizza in L.A and then fuck her afterwards.
Sure, they could still have done that. It wasn't like it would be their first time, for they had done it twice already, despite the fact that two times for simply not enough for her. Another problem was, Michelle felt shy having sex with him, while his brother slept in the next room over. I bet sex would be so much better with Daniel.
"He's had a long flight," she reasoned, for Daniel had told her during the time they waited for his return that it took almost 14 hours to travel from Sydney to Los Angeles. "And he can't sleep in airplanes." She added, shrugging her shoulders as if that explained everything.
"He can't?" Cody asked.
She nodded, a small smile across her face. "Yes, he can't stand the noise."
"How much time have you two had to talk?" Cody looked and sounded angry.
Michelle sighed, remembering how Daniel told her Cody would grow suspicious of her, now that the big bad brother was back home.
"Not that much," she replied in a reassuring tone. "We just made small chitchat while the coffee was brewing."
"Do tell," she could feel the annoyance in Cody's tone. Just how many girlfriends had preferred Daniel over him?
"Well, he also told me he had enjoyed his stay in Australia, but had been feeling homesick for almost a year now..."
She was interrupted by Cody's angry input, "Yeah right! He didn't even come to our parents' funeral."
"About that," she started hesitantly, "he said you left a message on his answering machine at his house he was renting but not on his cell phone," she said calmly, taking Daniel's defense even though she barely even knew him.
"Yeah, so?"
Michelle rolled her eyes before answering, "He had been out of the city at the time, and only came back 2 weeks after the funeral."
"How convenient!"
A deadly silence fell between them before Cody said in a serious tone, "Don't believe anything that fucker tells you. Did he say anything else?"
Knowing that the guy had earned a full scholarship to study Architecture and had then been hired immediately after he graduated, and was sent to Australia as he wished, made him not an idiot at all. She didn't dare say that to Cody. "No, he didn't. As soon as I put his cup of coffee in front of him, he became silent."
It was like he had answered the little questions she asked because he was exhausted, as if he unconsciously confided in her because the silence would have sent him to sleep in no time. But upon drinking the coffee, he recovered from the fatigue.
"Run out of lies to tell?" Cody muttered, interrupted her thoughts. It was her turn to roll her eyes at that. She only did it inside though. It was too soon to be sure, but she was starting to believe the one who was lying to her was Cody, not Daniel.
"Look, the guy is bad news," Cody warned her, "Don't let him get to you."
"Get to me?" I repeated outraged. I have an IQ of 150 asshole, and she liked to believe she wasn't one to be fooled easily.
Cody reached out for her hands, and brought them to his lips for a quick kiss. "You know what I mean."
His blue eyes already shown pure signs of jealousy.... a part of her argued right back without blinking an eye, no matter what he says.
She tried to get rid of the images that came to her mind. Cody had told her that his brother was a bad boy and a player, and Daniel sure looked the part. But was he as bad as Cody had described to her?
She believed what he had told her about not being at Sydney when Cody called to inform him of their parents' death. And she was sure the reason Cody didn't call his cell phone instead was so he wouldn't have to speak to him. That on the other hand, told her a lot about Cody's personality.
She had learned more about his inner feelings in one night than she did in their 3 month relationship. He was the one to hold grudges for starters, and he for sure had a violent side to him.
Swinging at his brother just because he had been teased was not something one who was intelligent displayed. As Cody softly snored next to me, I couldn't help but want to discover all that was to know about Daniel Davidson.
The man was seemingly a bad boy, and God only knew how much bad boys attract good girls. If she were to be honest with herself, Cody had every reason to feel threatened by Daniel's presence.
She shook her head, trying to get rid of the tempting images of her with Daniel, and then quietly got out of bed to go to the kitchen.
She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.
She jumped, spilling the water on the floor, startled as she was successfully scared by Daniel.
She turned to him and hit him lightly on the shoulder. "Seriously?" she whispered, narrowing her eyes in mock anger.
"I couldn't help it," he shrugged, a smirk crossing his face.
"How old are you?" she asked, quietly grabbing a towel to wipe the water off the floor.
"28. You?"
"21, almost 22."
"Let me," he told her softly, "this mess is my fault."
"Nonsense, you should be resting."
"I'm not one to sleep too much. 3 or 4 hours of rest and I'm ready to raise some hell," he told her in an amused tone, ending his sentence with a wink.
He doesn't sleep much, huh? Just like me.
"Still," she argued, a smile forming. "I can't have you wiping up the mess on your first day back home."
"I like you," he said after a moment.
"You're majoring in Architecture, aren't you?"
"Yeah", he replied as he watched her on her hands and knees, wiping the floor. He told her that when she met him.
I wish she was on the ground doing something else. Daniel shook the thought out of his head and said, "Well, I will be teaching you a course next week," he told her, excitedly yet seductively.
"So, although my dumb little brother wouldn't be inviting you back here for as long as I stay, I will be seeing you in class, miss..."
"Daniels," I muttered, my face a little red.
"Good one," he laughed. "Seriously, what's your last name?"
"I just told you."
"Oh my, you're mine already? Lucky me!"
"Very funny," the sarcastic words coming out of her mouth.
"Watch it there, missy," he warned her half-jokingly, half-serious, "I don't like brats."
"I'm not a brat."
"Sure you're not." Was it just her or did his voice turn slightly dark at that? "You got it wrong. I so am not a brat!"
"Sure Michelle," he said in a rather hushed tone.
"I'm not! You'll see."
"I like you already." He winked and left the kitchen leaving her completely speechless.

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