Sinning Love

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Chapter 19

Vivian truly did not know when to stop as Michelle found her waiting for Daniel the day after her and Daniel worked their issues out. Michelle made up an excuse to Amanda who bought it and waited for her dominant too.

"Seriously," she muttered under her breath as she saw the woman's face lighten up when she saw Daniel. "The guy said no. Stop trying to get down his pants."

Yeah, for Michelle, a guy might try to get into a girl's pants, but if it's a girl, then she wants to get him out of his.

Daniel walked past Vivian without even looking at her, making her pout whereas Michelle stood irritated, more like a child or a teenager rather than a mature adult.

"Daniel, wait!" Vivian shouted.

"Mr. Davidson!"

"Oh, Michelle," his irritated facial expression immediately broke out into a smile, "fancy seeing you here this late."

She rolled her eyes at him, before asking him a dumb question about the last lecture,

"Shoo," Vivian told me, "You can ask him questions inside the conference room. He's off the clock now."

"Kindly do not speak to her that way or you'll find yourself jobless by the end of the month, Vivian."


"Not only can I file for harassment, making you lose what little credibility you have, but I can also give the firm an ultimatum. It would be either me or you. Guess who they'll choose?"

Michelle tried to hold herself back from laughing as she looked at the expression on Vivian's face.

"Just because I told your student to shoo? Aren't you overreacting, Daniel?"

"She's not my student, she's my lover."

"Umm... excuse me?"

"You heard me right the first time."

"I hope your joking," Vivian scowled, "She's barely a woman."

"Last time I checked..." Michelle was interrupted by Daniel calling someone on the phone, "Hey dude."

"No! Please, anything but my job!" Vivian begged.

"Just called to let you know I finished the project, and I will bring it back to the firm tomorrow first thing in the morning, before heading to he damn college I'm teaching at."

Vivian sighed with relief and smiled. "I will not bother you again. But I know that I won't be available when you get tired of this kid."

"Call her a kid again, and I swear to god you will be jobless."


As Vivian left, I raised my eyebrows. "So, I'm your lover now?"

"Of course you are. Who else would you be?"

"A submission for one."

"You're the only one I have, and will ever have as long as you'll have me."

"I... I wanna kiss you so badly."

"And I want to fuck you. How about some car sex?"


"Just out of curiosity, who were you waiting for?" he asked as we walked outside.


"Something you need? You could have called."

"The only thing I need is your dick ASAP."

He nodded. "Who am I to reject you?"

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