Sinning Love

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Chapter 22

*5 months later:

"Hello everyone," Daniel greeted the members of the board as they finished their meeting. "If you don't mind me taking a moment of your time today..."

"Something wrong?" The president of the firm asked.

"Yes. I'm an impossibly jealous guy, you know?"

"I don't see your point."

"Well, Mr. Jones, I'm getting there, if you would let me finish.."

"My apologies."

"I would appreciate if your nephew doesn't hit on my wife again."

"She's in the room?"

"You all know I've been seeing Michelle since I was her teacher at the college. And we just got married two weeks ago."

"Congratulations, sir."

"Only if I stay in the firm."

"What do you mean?"

"Not only did Michelle refuse all his offers to have a drink or go on a secret date, I also gave him a warning. And yet, he continues. I find that highly offending. It's either me or your nephew."

As he stood up, he added, "Two more things. One, you have a week to decide and two, if he continues to hit on Michelle, she will file for sexual harassment and a restraining order."

A week passed and Daniel got a call from his boss. "My nephew is leaving the firm. So having said that, I am choosing you. You are too hard of a worker to let you go."

"Thank you, sir."

"You bet. Have a good night."

*** "Seriously, Dan? You didn't have to take it so far."

"Should I have to watch another man hit on my wife? I don't think so."

"No one's getting me or to me," she argued back. "I am yours, and have been yours the moment you stepped into the classroom two years ago."

"Well, I'm not into sharing."

"I know, and neither am I. I love you."

"I love you too, Michelle. And I still do not regret firing Vivian. Not for a split second."

"You're too jealous for your own good."

"Look who's talking, Mrs. Davidson. You still can't stand the sight of her."

"Here we are sitting in this hot bath, and we end up talking about work." He whispered, "so I would rather us not talk at all."

"I like that idea," she said before kissing me.

*** After they finished their intimate moment in the bath, Michelle laid in her new bed that she now shared with her amazing husband as he went into the kitchen to get them a glass of wine.

Never did she ever expect to be married to him. Cody wasn't okay with it when we first broke the news when we announced the date of our wedding. He never was really okay with it, but once he moved colleges and met another gorgeous woman who became his girlfriend, he forgave us.

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