Sinning Love

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Chapter 4

Course presented by D. Davidson, I read, my heart racing for a reason I refused to admit. My excitement was beyond anything I ever felt. Beyond when I had my driving license after passing the exam for the sixth time. Beyond when I first had sex with a guy my sophomore year. Beyond when I had gotten a full scholarship into the college of her dreams.

It was the second course of the day, and maybe I'll have him twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays.

When I finally entered the conference room where I was supposed to have his lecture, I was almost trembling. I had to lie to my friend as for the reason of my red, blushing face.

I said I had a fever. And I did... just not the one that meant I was coming down with a cold or something.

There were whispers in the conference room. Some said the freshman who had him first in the morning had complained of how strict he was, whereas some others said how hard it was to focus in class because he was just drop-dead gorgeous.

I don't know about the first part but I can DEFINITELY agree with the second part. My friends and I sat in the middle row for we had found the first, second and third ones already filled. I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't have to be stuck in the front row because I knew for a fact I wouldn't be able to focus on anything because all of my attention would solely on him.

"Good morning class," I heard his deep voice coming from the left, and felt an exciting vibration go down my spine. I didn't even have him in my sight yet and I still felt this way.

"Excuse my tardiness," he said in a business-like tone. "I had to take a phone call."

I looked at my watch, and saw he was just 3 minutes late. It was my second year in college, and from experience, no lecturer ever apologized for being late. But this was Daniel Davidson, and he was no regular teacher.

"Speaking of phones, kindly shut yours off. I hate being disturbed by Justin Bieber music and how many likes you have on your social media."

Most students laughed, but seeing that he was serious and had an expectant face on, they retrieved their phones and did as they were told. I was among the 1% that didn't laugh. Although I like to be in control, I don't mind being ordered by him, even if it was for something as simple as this.

Get a grip, Michelle!

"Is that a no, miss?" I heard him ask and I was scared to see him look my way. Surely, he wasn't talking to me. I was imagining things. But as all heads turned my way and my friend nudged me, my eyes widened, and I felt myself blush.

Could he have seen me shaking my head? What was he, a hawk?I only shook my head in response, not trusting how my voice would come out as.

"What was that?" He tilted his head to the side in mock confusion, "I didn't hear a thing, miss..." he trailed off.

Damn him! "Miss Daniels," I informed him through gritted teeth, "And I turned off my phone."

"Good, Miss Daniels," was his immediate response, "Because you're not in high school, there are no detentions, but I can have you write an essay of - lets say- 1,500 words long."

"Yes, sir," a tight smile plastered on my face.

"Shall we begin now?"

A group of yes's from the girls was the answer. A smirk almost spread his face while I rolled my eyes. Typical.

Some time later, I spaced out and unconsciously started tapping on my desk with a pen.

"Miss Daniels," he called out in a sweet voice, and my head snapped up to look at him. "Although I understand how someone with your IQ may feel bored during a lecture that's nothing but an introduction to the course itself, I would appreciate if you stopped with the tapping."

I dropped my pen on the desk without saying a word. Amanda, her friend, asked in a low voice, "How does he know about your IQ?"

Shit Daniel! So stupid! "He must have read our files or something."

Amanda nodded, accepting the reason. Thank god!

By the time the lecture ended, the rumors about Daniel were confirmed. He in fact, was a strict teacher. Two or three other students had been called out during that one hour. As for his looks, there was no denying how hot he is.

As I exited the conference room, my phone vibrated with a new message. Sorry I had to be harsh on you. but I can't give you the special treatment ;) ~D

My heart literally felt like it temporarily stopped and started to race. How did you get my number? I typed back.

Stole it from my brother, duh.. Have a nice day. And try not to space out too much. I can only imagine him smirking as he pressed send. Yes sir. Two can play at this game. It's not class anymore. You can call me Daniel ;) He's such a tease. "Duly noted, Mr. sadist. How do you like that one? I've haven't gone sadist in awhile. I chose not to respond ; I knew what it would lead into. But then again, he was not just another teacher for her... and she dare to admit it? ... wanted it to be so much more.

Stop it Michelle. You have Cody, that should be enough.

As I fell asleep, I dreamt of his blue eyes, whips and other kinky toys, although she was far from being a submissive. Maybe he could change that!

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