Sinning Love

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Chapter 5

Two weeks passed by and Cody, just as Daniel predicted, didn't invite me back to the house. We would either meet at Starbucks or the dorm I lived at.

I had to admit I've grown tired of the uneventful relationship. Uneventful actually was what I desired to a certain degree, this relationship was turning into flat out boring.

What irritated me the most was the lack of sex. That mixed with Daniel's hotness, to which I was able to see 2 hours a week, I felt like a ticking time bomb. I got to the point where I turned to masturbating (since I wasn't getting anything from Cody) while thinking of Daniel

To my surprise, Cody started working part-time as a waiter in a restaurant downtown. When I ask about it, he usually says he doesn't want to throw all of his parents' money out the window.

The way his eyes drifted away from hers afterwards, simply said he was lying. How?

I don't understand, but I did not beg and plead. It's not my place to ask and I don't feel like wasting time and energy doing so.

When Friday came, Amanda asked if I wanted to go clubbing. Since Cody was working, I knew I had to agree.

I straightened my hair, put on a light grey eye shadow, mascara, bringing out the beauty of her hazel eyes, then applied red lipstick. As for my outfit, I chose a black dress that hugged me like a second skin, reaching my knees and had a plunging v-neckline that showed just enough cleavage to tempt without looking extremely seductive.

I met Amanda outside my dorm. She told me I looked gorgeous before adding, "This auburn color you dyed your hair with last week is to absolutely die for. I wish I had your skin tone."

I smiled then fastened the seat belt. "Didn't I tell you Cody didn't even notice until I told him to have a good look at my hair?"

"He's blind," Amanda rolled her eyes, "there's no other way to explain it."

His brother's eyes, on the other hand, were the most alert. I receive texts saying how good my hair color looked because she had passed him in the hallway.

"I think we're reaching a dead end," I admitted to Amanda.

"I've had this GPS for years," but stopped talking because she figured out that I meant something else.

"I meant Cody and I are reaching a dead end. Focus Amanda!"

"I am focusing on the road, would you rather us get into an accident?"

I exhaled loudly at that and said, "No. Keep your eyes on the road."

After a few minutes of dead silence, I turned the radio on, and spaced out until the car came to a stop.

"We're here," Amanda announced, getting out of the car.


"Michelle, stop thinking about that idiot. Let's have some fun tonight!"


"Don't be. Let's go."

After some dancing, two martinis, and 5 shots of vodka later, Amanda was nearly passed out on the couch. For some reason, my body absorbed the alcohol without even feeling buzzed. It may be because I've been drinking since the night I turned 17. I might be on the verge of being considered an alcoholic but hey. You only live once.

Moments later, my eyes fell upon a tall brown-haired guy who just entered the club and headed up the stairs.

Their eyes met, and I felt like I could cum if only he were here to touch her. He made a beeline to the counter, sat next to her, and ordered Crown Royal on the rocks.

"Hey you," he said as a smile formed across his face.

"Hey." It felt nearly impossible not to want to blush around him. She knew he noticed but I don't care.

I looked down at my watch in an attempt to stop staring at him. His hotness basically could melt her like lava.

"What time is it?"


He nodded, a smirk stretching his lips.

How was she to resist such a handsome man? She certainly couldn't tell, and found the task extremely difficult.

Hell, had the guy even been rejected in his life? It should be illegal to have such good looks. The good looks had earned him a part-time job as a model during the time he studied architecture. The man looked like he could be modelling for the GQ magazine, like holy fuck. Tall, dark and handsome was already a wet dream material. Add to that a bad boy demeanor, intelligence, humor and a touch of mystery, making a combination for carefree, intense sex.

Sure, she could run, having an excuse her friend passed out but a part of me wanted to stay.

So I did. I simply had to.

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