Sinning Love

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Chapter 6

"Want to dance?" He whispered in her ear. His hot breath sent tingles down my spine, my eyes nearly rolling out of my head in lust.

He's such a tease. I know I should turn it down but holy shit, he is so fucking hot I can't even get over it. "My friend." I pointed over to Amanda who was passed out cold. He motioned for the bartender to come over, said something in his ear and gave him a 100 dollar bill. "He'll look after her," he said as he grabbed my hand before I could protest. I usually don't like people controlling me, but for some reason, I like him doing it.

The DJ was playing a song I didn't recognize, but we made up random moves to match with the rhythm. At one point, my hands were around his neck, and his strong, muscular arms were wrapped around my tiny waist. The way he looked at me with those piercing eyes made me want him so badly that I wanted to find a dark corner in the club where he could take advantage of me.

He was a bad boy, and I was a good girl. That difference usually combines perfectly. My attraction to him was undeniable. I didn't want to hide it anymore and I felt that he felt the same exact way.

"I've been dying to kiss you all night Michelle, since the moment I made eye contact with you. This was an opportunity that I may not ever get again... even if she was dating his younger brother.

"I.... I want to kiss you too."

He smiled and he bent down, lightly brushing his lips against hers. Unable to stop herself around him, I lightly bit down on his bottom lip. He parted his mouth open, welcoming my tongue to enter as his hands started to roam my body.

The next thing I know, my back was against a solid wall. He had her pinned there with no resisting.

"Daniel," I moaned for him as I parted my lips from his to catch a breath.

"Shhh..." His lips crashed into hers and held her steady as I felt my legs go weak. "I want to strip you of every layer of clothing that you have on right now."

I wanted him so bad. Right there. Right now. To fuck me fast and hard, letting himself go. I want him period. Fuck any of the consequences.

He stopped for a moment and looked at her.

"What is it?"

"Cody, I... you're his girlfriend and I don't know what will happen if he finds out."

"Fuck the consequences."

He raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure?"


"Say how much you want me, Michelle."

"I want you so bad, I..."

"How bad?"

"I want you to fuck me better than your brother. I feel like we have a very strong connection to each other and I can't fight it any longer."

He kissed her neck, causing a moan to escape her lips as his hand traveled down her underwear. He looked at her with pure desire written on his face. "You're so wet."

"Only for you. Cody never makes me feel this way."

He kissed her as he slid a finger inside her, resulting in an even louder moan. "Shhh.."

He shut her up with a kiss. "I don't want anyone looking at what's all mine,"

Those words I've been dying to hear finally came from his mouth.

"I've fallen for you, Michelle. There's no denying it." He withdrew his finger from inside her.

I looked at him in confusion. "I..."

"We're going to fuck tomorrow night when Cody is asleep."

"You're so bad."

He smiled. "I know."

I went outside to call an Uber and gave the driver Amanda's address since she was unable to drive herself.

Daniel waited for her, leaning up against the door. "I can't wait any longer Michelle."

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