Sinning Love

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Chapter 8

"Why are you breaking up with me?" Cody asked, shaking his head. "I don't understand. I thought we were good together."

"Cody. We were," I replied, keeping myself from rolling my eyes, "Only I found out so many things that made me question our relationship."
I technically wasn't lying. But I wasn't fully telling the truth either. A part of me felt guilty about this but I'm way too far gone to go back. I wanted Daniel way too much to stay with Cody.
"What did you find out?" Cody asked, his eyes widened for some reason, "don't tell me that man-whore told you about the bribe..."
"What bribe?" I asked, my eyes narrowing in suspicion, knowing that by man-whore he meant Daniel.
"Never mind," he tried to blow off the whole topic. "Forget I said that."
"No. Absolutely not." I said with pure anger in my eyes. "Besides being an utterly, unmistakable jealous asshole on top of being an extreme liar to someone who did care about you, what the fuck did I miss?"
"Nothing," he muttered, unable to meet her eyes.
"See why I want to end this?" I felt the eyes of people staring at me at Starbucks but I didn't give a fuck. Not anymore.
"Shut up, don't be so loud."
"Oh honey, you haven't even seen loud yet."
"Fine, I'll tell you."
I cocked an eyebrow in expectation, crossing my arms across my chest. "Start talking. Now."
"My parents had to pay in order for me to get into med school."
"What?!" I was furious, fighting the urge to go bat shit crazy on him in front of several strangers.
"Now, you know."
"You mean now I know something that I didn't know before," I gritted through my teeth.
He shrugged his shoulder in response, avoiding eye contact.
"I mean Jesus, we couldn't even be at your own damn house to see each other. What the fuck is with that?!" my voice began to rise. "It's pathetic Cody."
"This shouldn't affect our relationship. It's dumb to even think that it should.
Is he being for fucking real right now?
I rolled my eyes and looked directly at him. "We're done Cody."
"But..." he started, only to be interrupted by my anger. "No buts, no ifs, we are OVER." I let out the last three words very slowly, to make them digest in his stupid head.
I got up from the chair, threw one last glare at him and left, without looking back. How the fuck did that asshole fool me for the 3 months of total hell? I knew I could always read through someone, but him? Damn, he was good.
Due to the incident, this would be the first time I show up late at lecture, but I would not miss the second one for anything or anyone. I'm not dressed to seduce, having worn only a tighter pair of white jeans with holes throughout the jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt, but my underwear was of one enticing purpose.
Maybe Daniel can appreciate it.
He will, the non-rational side of her, spoke deep inside. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of what he does to me.
"That will be all for today," Daniel announced after only 30 minutes of the course. Most of his students had not even read the chapter from the previous lesson, then decided to move the lecture to Thursday.
He had been intending to free them earlier than their other classes because he knew he had a promise to keep after all.
Michelle played the innocent role, gathering her things and walked towards the door with Amanda.
"Miss. Daniels, a word please?"
She stopped, waved goodbye to Amanda, and turned to face him, a small smiled forming on her face.
As the last student left, he commanded in a stern tone, "Close the door."
She felt so guilty of doing what was about to happen but she didn't care. Not with him. She looked at him and saw him check her out from head to toe. She bit her lip in anticipation.
"Strip," he ordered as he sat at his desk.
I slowly slid my clothes off, breaking eye contact with him. Holy shit. Holy fuck. I can't believe I'm doing this right now!!!!! Once I was fully stripped of my clothes, I couldn't tell if he liked the view or not for she was too far away to see anything in the depth of his intense eyes.
"Strip everything, Michelle" he said in a rather harsh tone as he left his desk and walked towards her.
My mind was spinning with excitement and did as I was told, slowly seeing him get closer and closer to her. My nipples were hard, and I couldn't be more wet than I was right now.
"Good girl." He then firmly told her, "now, on that desk." As I reluctantly walked towards it, he added an even rougher voice. "Now!"
I hurried to the desk and sat down.
"Legs wide open," he ordered as he turned to face her, eyes filled with lust and desire. He closed the distance and inserted two fingers inside her. She moaned loudly, and a satisfied smirk crossed my face. She's so fucking sexy, I can't even handle it. "Did you leave him?"
"Yes. This morning."
"Good," he started to move his fingers in a gentle pace inside her.
She bit her lower lip to contain her moan, but was rewarded with him pulling her hair and bringing her face two inche sfrom his.
"Did I say anything about being quiet?" I asked her, eyes almost black with desire.
"No," she let out a breathless sigh, dying to kiss him but she knew she couldn't in that moment.
"No, what?" It was a question she had been waiting for.
"No, sir," she said with a hint of lust in her voice. She was then rewarded with a soft kiss turned into a passionate kiss.
When his lips left hers, she whimpered in need of him.
"Shhh... I'll take care of you."
She watched with lust as he opened the button of his slacks and unzipped them. From the size of his erection covered by his boxers, she knew he was big.
He freed his dick and gripped her shoulders. He then pulled his fingers out of her and slowly entered her. He inched in until he was finally all the way inside her. He began with long, deep thrusts, causing her to moan like there was no tomorrow, on the verge of cumming already.
He stopped and told her in a serious tone, "You don't get to cum until I say so."
"Yes, sir." He slid back inside her, each thrust turning to faster and harder, watching as her eyes rolled back in pure pleasure. With nearly impossible effort, she tried to not cum.
"Are you on birth control?"
"Yes, I'm on the pill," she informed him, relieved that he'd fill her with his cum.
There was something satisfying about filling her with his cum. His thrusts were faster if it was even possible, as his hand led toward her clit. A gentle pinch and that was all it took for her to have multiple orgasms around him.
"Your muscles are clenching me hard baby, you can cum now." Her moaning made me lose control. I couldn't hold back. "You ready for me, Michelle?" She nodded.
"FUCK!" It felt like heaven as I filled her with my cum. As I slid out, I gently wiped her with a tissue. "That, was your first special lecture with me."
I went to the heap of clothes on the floor and handed them to her. "Can you undress me next time?"
I reached for her hand and brought her to my chest, having her feel my toned muscles.
"You feel so strong."
"Does that turn you on?"
"Yes, even more than you already do."
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