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(Inspired by the Corona outbreak. In these difficult times, a hope of finding something positive.) They say that when two people are meant for each other, their fates are intertwined since the beginning. Maybe that's why you find your other half during the most unexpected times. *** When the world seems to be coming to an end, only then do you realize that you had been missing out on living life. *** A widespread of a deadly virus. Two strangers. Exchanges of lots of emails. And a little hope for Love. Because, we're QuaranTwined! (Disclaimer: I do not own the cover art.)

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

I had always believed that rain was beautiful. The water drops pelting against the nature's skin to revive it, to rejuvenate it. The smell seemed to wash away every bad thing with it.

But it is now I realize that rain still had a negative aftereffect. Its fresh and beautiful water always left itself behind in puddles. Puddles that would later cause a bother to everyone because of the stagnant water left in them.


That's how life had become lately.

It felt like the water in those puddles. It wasn't flowing the way it was supposed to and just like those puddles, there wasn't a quick way to fix it. You just had to ... Endure; endure the inconvenience the puddles caused and endure the sudden standstill that life had come to.

I sighed, staring blankly through my bedroom window. It had been almost a month of being home. I had stopped counting the days probably after the first week, but the news channels kept reminding about how long it had been.

A small, minute smile graced my lips as I watched the birds chirp happily. At least the nature was healing. If my life's stagnancy meant the freedom of so many beautiful creations of nature, then I was glad I was helping in some way.

Admiring a bird's nest on some nearby tree, I remembered how rushed coming home had been. Everything had to be done quickly; quickly like a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower. Living in a different city on your own was definitely something. However, when difficult times arrive, the nectar and the love of your home beckons you back.

Nevertheless, every thing had been a little difficult. The acceptance of the situation had come in short phases for everyone. But now, people were getting used to it.

It hadn't been any different for me. I was slowly getting used to being around my parents again. Everyday, I was reminded that I had been missing out on mum's wonderful cooking. That thought made my smile widen.

I was also getting used to the sudden outbreak of talent all over social media. It was actually amazing to see how people were trying different things that they didn't have time for before. They were turning into chefs, posting their art. Some, their music.

I sighed as I tried to turn my thoughts onto a positive track.

Although the puddle held stagnant water, it still supported some sort of life form. It may not be pleasant, but it was still there.

Maybe that's how we were living as well. Living a stagnant life, yet continuing our hobbies, holding our loved ones, making the most out of everything.

They say that you feel the most alive when you're close to your death. Is that what we were doing?

I realized that the train of my thoughts had seemed to be headed downhill, so I was glad to hear mum's voice calling me for breakfast.

Running my hands through my hair, I took a deep breath and headed out of my room. Climbing down the stairs, I was greeted with the happy sight of my mum.

I had missed her voice, missed seeing her being so free and happy; away from her demanding job. She looked genuinely happy and that calmed my haywire nerves.

My ears tried to tune out the news that Dad was watching in the living room. But ears are traitorous things. They have a mind of their own. Involuntarily, they ate up the news being played on TV and as a result, spit out depression into my head.

The count of victims was increasing day by day and the number of deaths as well. Although, it was terribly saddening, I feared that listening to these reports would madden me to an extent that I might not be able to return from.

I took a calming breath again. Masking my emotions, I mustered up a smile on my lips. I called Dad to breakfast, and thankfully, he turned off the TV. I was expecting some relief to settle into my body. However, that didn't happen. It only made me realize that no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, the situation was still inevitable.


After helping mum to clean up, I then headed back to my room.

I glanced around the space and my eyes landed on my reflection in the full length mirror. The woman staring back at me was almost unrecognisable.

My dark wavy hair was a scattered mess as it covered my shoulders. The dark color matched the bags under my eyes and was apt to describe the color of my mood.

I realized that now that I had so much time to think about life, I hadn't been living at all. I remembered how mum had always told me to hang out with friends, go out, have fun... I realized now how stupid I was to not have listened to her. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought that I didn't even have enough pictures of some of my cherished memories. I regretted everything now.

Work from home was the closest that I could get to human interaction. But it lacked, well, humans. It lacked the presence of emotions. I sighed. I couldn't believe that I was trying to defend work. In anybody's normal life, worked sucked big time. But, sometimes, situations like today's, make you crave human contact, make you crave the outside world, hell, make you crave something as mundane as work.

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