Blood born

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A apocalypse has rised it's the year 2040 and the world is taken over by The Vampire Queen, Dawn agela raey is in need of a new servant when Eleanor Berdeaux is caught and brought to her majesty. Will Eleanor break Dawn or will she be another Knight on the chessboard?

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Chapter 1-new blood


It was hours. I was caught from my hideout and taken to a dark, loomy and creepy castle. I was met by a vampire with electric green eyes and he showed me to my room then took me to a kitchen where there was a dead person having blood drained I got two glasses of wine to give to the princess and the QUEEN. As I went up to the Queen she pulled me close and forced me into her lap she wrapped her tan hand around my pale stomach.

When I tried to move she pulled me closer then she got up suddenly and let go of my. I fell on the floor as she smirked and the princess giggled in a sly way. They both walked off laughing leaving me shocked

I looked at my ginger hair and saw red in it. After that rude encounter I went for a shower and got changed into a maid uniform.
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