Opposites attract

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Jason the school bully Ally the school nerd what happens when he finds a dark secret of hers Also there will be a lot of Spanish in the story And I'm sorry if it's not that good I'm just being to wright story's for fun. And I am not good at spelling.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Ally's POV

Hi my name is Ally Vartel. I am 17 my hight is 5'7 my hair is dark brown and I have vary pale skin. and I go to " Escuela secundaria de Senalorea" located in Mexico.

My family moved from Toronto to Mexico to try and get a fresh start. I am fluent in Spanish and English but prefer Spanish. Now you might be thinking that this is a story about a " normal " person but it's not at school I am labeled the " nerd " and I have this label because I don't socialize myself with anyone. I have no friends and all I do is read and school work.

But outside of school my life is mesd up. I have an unusual job with some unusual people. I am a street fighter for the " Pandilla lirio rojo " or in English " Red Lily gang " and I only do it for the money.

My stage name is La capucha negra because I always where a black hood when I fight. So incase anyone from school is at the fight that won't know who I am even though nobody knows who I am in the first place.

Monday morning at 4:27 A.m.

Bep bep bep

Why did my stupid alarm have to go of?

" Frick, estúpida alarma " I say I can't stand getting up this early but I have to. I have to do it because I need to hit the gym and this is the only time I can go so with that I stand up on the cold floor and make my way to my bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

Once that's done I go to my closet and get a red sports bra and some black leggings then I go down stairs to get my water bottle so I can go. I stay at the gym for 2 hours and 38 minutes now I can drive home in my Ram 360 and drive home. When I get home I have a quick shower then get drest in a yellow hoodie whith a denim jacket on top and some black jeans. ( outfit found on Pinterest )

Now that I'm in clothes it is 7:40 and school starts at 8:00 so i began to walk i know that I have a car but I enjoy walking it let's me breath and clear my head. 10 minutes later and I'm at school " Yay otro dia en el infierno " I say quietly I go straight to my locker and on my was see my classmates. Then I see Vanessa the school " mean girl " and when I say mean I mean it. One time she beat up a kid so much that she got suspended but as you might have gest her parents have money so that saved her. Now back to this once I get my stuff for class I go to class. My first class is Wrighting which I love. But we have to wright a paragraph about why we hate school but it can only be a paragraph which I wish could be more.

515 words

2 days to Write

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