Opposites attract

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Chapter 2 Unedited

Hay I'm Jason Renacardea. I go to" Escuela secundaria de Senalorea" in Mexico. And I am 17 years old and I am seen as the school bad boy or bully. And I am proud of my title.

Monday 7:00 A.m.

I wake up to my dog barking " Cállate perro tonto " then after he shut up I got up take a short shower. Then I go to my closet and get changed.

Now I guess that you might be wondering what I look like. Well I have vary dark brown hair tan skin.

Now that I'm in clothes I start to go to school. Its 7:28 I enjoy hanging out with my friends before school so i go early.

Once I'm at school I meet up with my friends Kino, and Taum I've known them since I was 7 are moms are good friends. We always hang out behind the school just off of the forest that leads to a small beach. Today was no different we met up until the bell rang.

Sorry its short but I think that this was a good place to cut it of.

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