Breaking His Deadly Control (Part 1, Optional)

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There is one thing that people forget constantly about the Mafia; they will hold a grudge to the grave. I knew this, it was common sense. My brothers didn't. They were too fueled with rage and a desire for vengeance, that they completely blew past this simple mistake. I have always been street smart. Knowing when to push my luck and when to completely back off. Especially if you plan on killing a mafia Don's younger son to avenge your mother, they didn't. Ramiro Taveras is a name that should send shivers down your spine. He has a reputation to hold as the new Don, and that starts with avenging the murder of his younger brother. A murder that I helped in.

Romance / Erotica
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Author's note with Prologue.

Author's Note:

This is book one if you wish to read in order. This story will contain mature themes and may have triggers, if this type of content will bother you then please don't read. I want to thank you personally for reading and constructive criticism is always welcome, but hate is not!



Revenge is dangerous; it brings more issues to the table than you can handle.

Revenge is foolish; even if it seems logical in the moment.

Revenge gets more people hurt or killed; than it solves the problem.

My brothers completely ignored these points and threatened our family's safety.

Most 17 year old's should be able to go out and live life. I had to work in dangerous areas to put enough money on the table for food.

My brothers helped some, but Brazil can be a dangerous place if you piss off the wrong people and have no one backing you up.

Most kids come from a broken home here. To help cope; we made our own little community. The community is meant to bring us closer together and violence of any kind is strictly prohibited.

That's why I'm the only member from our family. Ever since our mama's murder, they've changed from kind and respectful to cruel and unpredictable.

"Thugs" sound more appealing if your asking for my opinion...

Now add a new determined Mafia Don that wants to avenge the murder of his younger brother to the pot and stir a bit.

What do you get?

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