Breaking His Deadly Control (Part 1, Optional)

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There is one thing that people forget constantly about the Mafia; they will hold a grudge to the grave. I knew this, it was common sense. My brothers didn't. They were too fueled with rage and a desire for vengeance, that they completely blew past this simple mistake. I have always been street smart. Knowing when to push my luck and when to completely back off. Especially if you plan on killing a mafia Don's younger son to avenge your mother, they didn't. Ramiro Taveras is a name that should send shivers down your spine. He has a reputation to hold as the new Don, and that starts with avenging the murder of his younger brother. A murder that I helped in.

Romance / Erotica
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Author's note with Prologue.

Author's Note:

This is book one if you wish to read in order. Here are some things to consider while reading this series:

- The content found inside can be triggering at times. I write with mature and sometimes dark topics. Ensure you can handle this type of content before reading.

- Constructive criticism is always allowed as it will help me grow as a writer. But please do not confuse that with hate. It will not be tolerated.

- The Dark Reality series is an experiment to test my limits as a writer. Meaning, I have never tried to write a series that is technically 3 separate books with different storylines and characters. Also, I plan to write each book separately to ensure that each book is fully done before writing the next.

To make things clearer, each book in this series can be considered a stand-alone book as the characters in all 3 books share no connection with another. But by the end of the series, it will tell a single story.

The only connection present is I'm taking their experiences from 3 separate books and creating a single story that will be understood as "The Dark Reality" series.

- I hope this clears things up and that you enjoy "The Dark Reality" series!



Revenge is dangerous; it brings more issues to the table than you can handle.

Revenge is foolish; even if it seems logical in the moment.

Revenge gets more people hurt or killed; than it solves the problem.

The points listed above are more so guidelines, than actual rules. Hence, why my brothers had completely ignored them. Their decision had put us in a dangerous situation and our family soon became a target.


But lets go back in time a little and figured out why this situation is happening to us in the first place:

When I look around, I see most 17 year old's enjoying their life with no fear. They can go to school, hang out with friends, and basically enjoy life.

Not me.

I don't get that privilege anymore. My father is to far gone to work and earn money, so that leaves the burden to me to ensure we don't starve. My brothers never helped. They figured that staying away would be the best solution. Only problem is that they often got caught in the wrong crowds and got into more trouble.

Despite the beauty that can be found in this country, a good population of the kids come from a broken family.

Drugs, shootings, and robberies often happen in the same streets that these kids play or walk on. In my town, the youth created a sanctuary. A safe place for these kids to rest and relax. This place prohibits any kind of violence. It was hard to get in because of my brothers record's, but I eventually persuaded them.

But, there is a reason for all this drama. About 7 years ago, our mother was killed in a robbery gone wrong at a bank. Only issue was, it didn't make sense to me or my brothers.

The boys decided to take matters into their own hands. Despite our father's countless warnings. I, on the other hand, listened. I listened because I could sense something off about it. My brothers didn't as they were too fueled with rage to think clearly.

My town calls my brothers, "Criminosos." or criminals. But I prefer the term thugs better. Either way, both terms describes the activities they got into, causing more problems for us and eventually bringing that trouble right to our doorstep.

I didn't know it at the time of the job, but that club that I helped destroy, it had an important person in it. My brothers told me no one was in it, as it was in the early morning and they closed around 3 am.

As it turns out, that important person was the younger brother of a soon to be mafia done. So this is where the story gets interesting as of now we are all caught up.

Please do stay awhile, it would be nice to have some people around in the end.



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