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Rhiannon ( aka Rhi) was 15 when her parents died. They were all she had. She ended up going to a foster house. After this happened she was very suicidal. No-one ever noticed, thats what hurt her the most. he foster parents Skyer and Dimitri owned a ranch. her favorite horse Tamara always cheered her up. Zacarias was stuck in his ways and never listening to anyone. he was feared called the devil. people who knew him said the devil himself would tremble under Zacarias's wrath. king of the underworld. his parent murdered when he was 4. ENJOY :P

Romance / Erotica
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bloodied fence


"RHI HONEY ITS TIME TO GET UP!" skyler yelled. i get up moving quickly. "COMING!" i yelled back. i put on a red dark flannel and ripped jeans. i brush my long blonde hair and throw it in a pony tail. i run down the stair zipping up my boots. when im at the bottom i run into a wall. hmm i dont remember that being there. i look up and see a man glaring at me. " sorry sir" i say and look down. he pats my head " is this her?" he asks skyler. " yes this is her, your sister." skyler says. " short little thing, inst she?" he ask. "okay i may not be 6'5 like you but im not short!" i yell at him stomping my foot.i am a little short 5'1 inst the best height. " feisty one too, short and feisty hes going to hate her. mom why did you adopt her shes trash, my ass is on the line for this one!" he glared at me then her. "when will he be here?" skyler asked nervously. "in 30 minutes" he replied " okay rhi go feed the horses and maybe exercise a few" skyler told me. i quickly left the house and ran to the stables. i got done feeding then all in 20 minutes. i saddled Tamara up and got on her. we were riding for about 5 minutes then a black truck pulled up startling Tamara she thew me off of her. i landed against a barbed wired fence. the man came running out of his truck. i was drifting in and out of conscious. i felt someone pick me up ripping the fence out of me. " shit im so sorry baby girl." the man whispered. kissing my fore head. i wake up to a loud beeping. " where the hell am i?" i whisper. my voice sounding raspier then normal. i hear a man inhale deeply talking my hand in his. " your in a hospital your horse bucked you off. your head was badly injured and you broke 2 ribs and fractured your wrist. " he said deeply. god he is smoking hot. his long black hair is tied in a pony tail. his piecing blue eyes. hes strong really strong his arm is wider then my head. hes so tall even sitting down he is taller then me. "who are you?" i asked worriedly. he laughs " so you let a strange man pick you up and take to to an unknown place and your just now asking who i am?" he looks at me weirdly. he looks down at my wrists and see scars then looks back up to me. i pull my hand out of his and hide my wrists. "so who are you?" i ask nervously. "your mom and dad and brother will be here shortly. "there not mine. but you know that." i say hauntingly. before blacking out again. i wake up to pain shouting through my body. i groan. "now you choose to wake up!" i hear skyler yell. "sorry." the nurse walks in. " i missed you so much baby i hope your going to be okay!!" skyler hugs me squeezing my ribs. i groan and she looks annoyed at me. he walks in " oh your up. how long has she been up?" he asks skyler. "about 5 minutes." she replies annoyed. he glares at her and she hurries out the door. " so can i know who you are now? you scare skyler so your probably not a good person and they were talking about you hating me so if your here to torture or kill me do it already." i say it all rushed out. " i dont want to kill you if i did why would i take you to a hospital?". i sigh in relief i was so scared. " as for who i am you will find out soon enough." he says pausing for a good minute. the tension in the room thickens and the nurse leaves the room. i look at him and he looks at me. we stare at each other for a while. "after all i do own you." he says. " you what? first of all im not an object to be owned i am human and if your talking about my adoption crap which im sure your not im already with skyler and demetri. im not yours to own! now what is your name?" i huff out pissed. "im not someone who does well with disrespect and like i aid i own you so yes you are an object you are my object." he says grabbing my hand tighter. i have tears in my eyes and his hugs me surprisingly it doesn't hurt. after about 5 minutes we hear someone cough. he waits another minute for us to break the hug. " can i help you?" he says with disgust thick in his voice. " i was just checking on her." skyler says glaring at me when she says her. was all that niceness just an act. " i can take it back if you want sir." she says peachy. glaring at me. "it." he growls. " did you just fucking call her an IT she has a name a beautiful one at that you will not disrespect her like that ever again now skyler you will not touch her you and your family leave she is mine and only mine i will not be using your services anymore i found the one i want." he said dismissing her. "there services? what are you going to do with me?" i start crying. "nothing bad baby" he says and pulls me into his chest patting my back rubbing soothing circles. he talks to the nurse for about 30 minutes then im ready to get discharged. " how can i leave so soon?" i ask confused i mean ive never broken a bone but shouldn't they do any tests? " i convinced the nurse to let me. do you think you can walk or will it hurt your ribs?" i try to sit up but groan in pain. " okay baby im going to pick you up are you ready? it might hurt a little." i feel his body heat then a slight pinch. other then that it was painless. "my name by the way is Zacarias"

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