The Downfall of Marin Ferring

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You know when you love someone, you never let them go? Will you do ANYTHING for the person, even kill someone? Grayson Marrow is a murderous sophomore who attends college, a psychopath, who is madly in love with Marin Ferring, the innocent girl, who holds twisted secrets that are starting to come up to the surface. Takumi Yoshitora, an honor roll student with a dark hidden past. Will this year be as planned, or will their lives change forever?

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Prologue: Am I a Monster

The moon hung heavily in the sky as if it knew the misery I had endured. It stared into me sorrowfully, almost as if it was showing me pity. The air was frigid and crisp, as it cut me like the knife I cold-bloodedly murdered my brother with. Bloodstained, my hands were scarlet-red from doing her dirty work. It was all because of her. The battered corpse laid out in front of me, his eyes rolled back in his head. I grab the body from the collar of his now red polo and started to drag. A blood trail following right behind.

Many people in town call me heartless, others call me a monster but, I call myself a faithful employee. I walked through the brushes of trees, the blade still in my hands as proof to her I did it, I killed her target. I find myself walking the same path back, back to her. I glance ahead to our make-shift base. An abandoned mansion, that no one dares to step foot in. Some say it is haunted, others say that the man who owned it still haunts the place today. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. As for those who came searching for this mansion, let’s just say they got lost and were never to be seen again or were attacked by a family of overly vicious grizzly bears. Who am I kidding! I killed them too. I walked through the driveway, kicking the rotting wood doors down, the body still in my hands.

I walk in turning to the ballroom. The rose-gold chairs are neatly stacked in a corner. The floor, a quartz tile that was surprisingly still in good condition. I threw the body brutally on the floor. I walked to the middle on the floor, the moonlight streaming in through the stained glass. I knelt as a loyal lap-dog should, but my knees are bruised from the nights on the floor. I bare through the pain because I do it for her. I waited for a bit until I heard clacking through the hallway. She walks in, her stilettos giving her away. Her auburn hair swayed with the wind, her green eyes wrapped vines around me leaving me helpless and in love.

She glances at my right hand, holding the bloodied knife, then looks to the corner at the bloodied bump on the floor.

“Grayson! You’re back! You even brought back the body! Aww, pumpkin! You shouldn’t have!” she yelps excitedly

She tugged on my tie and pulled me to a chair. She pushed me down and immediately sat on my lap. She kissed me seductively as her arms lounge around my neck. My hands find themselves wrapped around her waist. Though her sugar is making me sick, I can’t get enough. The kisses I yearned for decades were here, but why were they not as fulfilling as I hoped for, I wanted more.

I now start to think...Did I make the right decision? She and I are like the Joker and Harley Quinn. I am her fiddle, my heart the strings, as she plays me all the time. Is she using me? Once she’s done, does she get up throw me away and find another replacement? I am trapped within her chains, alas I cannot get out, not that I want to though. I, Grayson Marrow, have the guilty pleasure of being Marin Ferring’s servant. She is a drug that I am addicted to and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. She was my true weakness.

Her lips pressed against mine, our bodies compressed to each other as if glue held us together. She tossed my hair with a freakishly sexy smile. She chuckled and stared at me with her emerald eyes soulfully. Did she love me or was she just using me? Am I just a toy to her? I sacrificed everything for her. My family, my loyalty, my life, everything that I had, I gave it away. For a woman who may just be using me as a pawn in her chess game. A pawn who was not important, a pawn she can throw away at the snap of her fingers. I won’t fall for her tricks, though her eyes compel me to. I will not lose this game of chess, not today. Today the Queen shall fall and kneel to the pawn. Marin... prepare for your downfall.

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