Finding the right wolf

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You’d think that after living in a forest for 7 years you’d be used to everything. Well I was about to be proven wrong.

Romance / Scifi
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This is my first story so I apologize if the chapters are short. Bye my angels trust me when i say you’ll hear more from me!

Why did my parents have to abandon me?? I was a good child but no now I live in this forest and my only friends are the wildlife. I was doing my daily activity when I came across buddy. (Buddy is a wolf she recently encountered)

“Hi buddy. How are you?”

No answer obviously.

“Hey wanna wall with me to town?”

He instantly started wagging his tail. Okay I’m taking that as a yes.

We’ve been walking forever and suddenly I heard some rustling. Buddy instantly jumped infront of me and started to growl. Then out came another wolf smaller than buddy but had silver eyes instead of yellow eyes like buddy did. The Wolf than decided to growl at me. He kept on growling and growling and buddy responded with his own growl. I decided to try and help buddy by finding a rock and throwing it at silver eyes. Let’s just say he didn’t like it.

He decided to give me my own present. It was a good scratching on my arm and torso. He was than ripped off of me and thrown into a tree.

Then I think I started to loose to much blood and hallucinate because where buddy was standing a second ago was the hottest nakedest man I have ever seen. I thought I was hallucinating so I didn’t freak out when he picked me up.

“Mmmmmm you smell just like the ocean and fresh pine.”
“Well Rosie you smell like roses and honey” said the hunky stranger.
“How do you know my name stranger?”
“Well...” the stranger started to say but was cut off the next thing I know he’s telling me to not fall asleep.
“ Starbger you should know I never follow instrudions.” I said in this sleepy drunk voice.
“Sugar I don’t know whether to laugh or worry that you can’t talk properly?”
Then it was black.
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