Aching For Relief (Part 3, Optional)

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In order to survive in an environment like Russia, you must adapt and sacrifice. If mother nature decides you're not fit enough, it's the end of the line for you. Matvei Kabinov knows this well. He has the scars from a determined father to prove it. He and his sister had built the empire for years. He is now nearing 27 and is in need of providing an heir to continue his legacy. Harley McCarthy's life is a little less intense. But it's still brutal enough that she has to prove her worth to simply survive. This 21 year old works a variety of jobs during the week, then works on the weekends at the best club in London to pay off debts, caused by her parents inability to control their spending and from her father being sick for years. Harley's father knew of the possible dangers in the world and wanted to protect his daughter. He, however, failed to mention the cost of this to his wife. Luck seems to strike the woman when a powerful man from her husband's past offers her a loop hole that's too good to pass up.

Romance / Erotica
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Author's Note and Prologue

Author's Note:

Part three is a very mature book and will contain triggering moments. This series is meant to bring awareness to the dark reality of the world and show how different scenarios will affect a certain character.

You can view this series as dark and cruel. Or you can see the beauty in it.

Men and women both have their strengths and weaknesses, if we all had the same characteristics, there wouldn't be much of a variety... right?

Thank you for reading the series and I hope you also enjoy the last book. Your support means the world to me.


At age 6; Matvei had begun his training as a prospect. He was going to learn quickly if he wanted to remain alive against his three other competitors.

At age 6; Harley had learned that her father was sick with lung cancer. This was going to be the first big twist she was going to encounter in her life.

At age 10; Matvei had begun his next step in his training. Becoming a contender and rising up in the ranks, only this time he has an alliance.

At age 10; Harley had begun to see the horrors of the real world. Her father's sickness caused debt to arise and this sparked the beginning of her abuse at home and school.

At age 21; Harley's lifestyle has proven to be difficult and harsh, but she keeps going. She knows that she will never be able to pay off all the debts, but as long as she proves her worth and provides money... she is allowed another day of freedom.

At age 27; Matvei lifestyle is lavish and comfortable, or at least this is what it appears to be. He has proven himself worthy of the title and has been the big boss for the past five years along side his remaining sister.

Two completely different worlds, similar stories.

In the past, once a broken angel and a stone cold devil cross paths, they can only break eachother... but times change, the world evolves and the people adapt.

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