I'm back and I'm bad

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Alexandra Dale, now known as Alexandra dale Valentino. was bullied in high school ,even by her brother, because of how she looks. braces, glasses, and a nerd. she couldn't take it anymore, so she left her house. she got in some bad areas and eventually met with the most powerful gang in the country. instead of killing her they took her and made her into a gangster. she fights at night, she's a racer. all this caused her to change, mentally, and physically. two year later, she goes back to her old town, to get revenge on who ever bullied her. but things heat up when she meets Zack Jones, the leader of his own most second powerful gang.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

=Alexandra POV=

I walk in the schools door’s, fixing my glasses. every day when I walk in I hoped that people will leave me alone, but does that happen? no, no it doesn’t happen. everyday, when I walk in this school, everyone even my brothers, bully me. and I’m getting tired. last time I stood up for myself, a whole group of people started throwing me food and drinks, and beating me. since that day I never dare to talk back to them. I was going to my locker, and already people were calling me names and shoving me, but I ignore them. when I got to my locker, some one shoved me into it, hitting my head and nose. I turn around and saw my brother and the queen bee with her minions.

“hey worthless crap, liking the locker?” Abigail said. I look down at my shoes. then a red drop fell down. I touch my nose and felt liquid coming down my nose. I look at my fingers and see blood.

“ugh, disgusting, she’ll probably give us Ebola or some type of infection." she said backing away and laughing. Bryan my oldest brother joined her. I looked down again. Abigail pushed me again.

“did I say you could look down, slave?” I still looked down. then Bryan grab my arm tightly.

“when my girlfriend tells you something, you do it, you hears fucking bitch?” I looked at him then at Abigail and said “no”

“what did you said bitch?” Abigail said getting closer.

“I said no”

“well you wish you didn’t” she said, then she slapped across the face, a crowd formed around us.

“I wish you where dead, a useless shit like you shouldn’t be alive” Bryan said. when he said that something inside of me snapped.

“you wish I was dead? you wish I was DEAD!! you fucking killed mom, now you want me dead!! your the useless peace of shit. you killed mom!!! you where fighting over phone with her. because of you she's dead!! WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU!! TELL ME, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS TREATMENT?! you where suppose to me my brother, not a fucking killer that wants to be bullying Just to get the anger out... if you despite me so much then, guess what! you’ll never see me again! I hope you carry the guilt of killing our mother for the rest of your life!” I yelled, crying my eyeballs out. I saw the guilt in my brothers eyes. good. I started walking away when that bitch of Abigail spoke.

“yeah go run home and start crying like the little bitch you are, die bitch die” I stopped walking and turned around and walked in front of her. then I punched her right in the nose, she stumble back holding her probably broken nose.

“you bitch!!” she yelled.

“hey worthless crap, liking the broken nose?” I mimicked her tone. I looked back at my brother. pure hate rushed trough my body.

“feel the guilt brother, feel it” and with that I turned around and left school.

I got home. dad was not home probably working his ass off. I wen to my room and took my back bag. I stuffed it with clothe and other things I need. I took my money, and took the emergency savings. I ended with 100,000 dollars. I took my a picture of mom and the necklaces that she gave me. and ran out the house. hours passed and ran out of town. I got at a park I didn’t know, it was getting dark so I decided to stay here for the night. I sat on a bench and took my phone out. no text messages. that’s how many friends I have. I started to book a hotel when I felt a hand cover my mouth. the person behind me wrapped a hand around me and pulled me off the bench. his hand smelled so weird, then i suddenly felt sleepy. I kept closing my eyes. but I kept opening them. I eventually gave up and blacked out.

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