The Lost Love

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Silvia the beautiful blonde was star struck to find that the guy she hated the most during her university life is now sitting before her and taking her job interview. Kevin the marketing genius and a new rising star has recently become one of the most successful entrepreneur in this era finds out that the girl who humiliated him during his university life is here to apply for the sales manager post in his org.. will he take revenge for his past ? Or will it be the story of a new beginning?

Romance / Drama
Raihan Sarwar Zabir
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Vivid Memories


"Shit it's raining again" I'm gonna be late for the interview. Damnit! Why does it always have to be me who's gotta fall in such trouble when the time is crucial. The Federick Corp Building was only a three blocks away from my house which would take me only a three minutes if i had gone by foot. I should be cursing myself only if i hadn't taken too much time to get ready. And I had put on a new black skirt with a striped Red Shirt and with the glasses on I'm sure all the guys on the road would check me out. The job is really appealing and I must get it no matter what. So finding no other way since I couldn't find the darn umbrella and i didn't have any time left i decided to run.


"Rachel" bring me the list of the candidates for the interview. "Just a min sir" rachel said from the other side of the phone. After a minute or two Rachel knocked "may i come in sir" yah I let her in and took the file from her hands to go through the candidate list a glance when i was about to turn the page my eyes stuck on a name which reminded me of a girl three years back.. It was" Silvia stone" I wondered if it really was her.. if she is then today is gonna be a hell of a day. A sudden grin spread out through my face. Rachel spoke out suddenly "Is everything alright sir" and my mind was taken back to this reality once again. I said "yah" " Rachel get everything ready" The interview will start within an hour. She nodded and left. I stretched out my fist and spoke to myself "today's gonna be a hell of a day "

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