Fire With Fire

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Saturday Morning.

Up and at it early, again. I head to the kitchen to start the coffee maker. The smell of coffee always gets me motivated and ready to start my day.

I head upstairs to check on Peyton hoping I can get a shower in before he wakes up. I creep up creaking stairs as slowly as possible. I know even the slightest noise and he will be up and ready to go. If today was a school day I would have a hard time getting him out of bed but on the weekends it is a totally different story.

As I get to the top, I peak in to see that he is still sound asleep. He looks so cute and calm when he is sleeping.

I sneak back down the stairs to head to the shower. Once in the bathroom I start the hot water as hot as it will go and start undressing. I think the old hot water heater may be dying, even with the knob turned all the way to hot it's still not as hot as it should be. I should really hire someone to come out and take care of that. I am trying to not spend all the money in the savings account since it's just one income now and I do not make that much at the store. I do have some money from Derrick but I want to keep that for a college savings account for Peyton.

As I step in the shower the warm water feels good on my back and I start to relax. As I close my eyes, Derrick comes to mind. He was such a good husband. We didn't know each other for long before we had Peyton and then married soon after that. For the couple of years I had know him he was the kindest person I had ever known. After I had moved to Florida to get away from here, I had met some girls around my age that were fun to be around. I had moved into their shared apartment and it had been exactly that, fun. We partied a lot, drank a lot, and never really took anything to serious. After awhile the partying life had become too much and I wanted to find some stable ground. That is when I found Derrick. He gave me the stability I was looking for. He was the safe option. At times, life seemed pretty boring as we fell into our routines. He was what I needed just for some reason there was never the spark.

Derrick and Joey were very different. Where Derrick had blonde hair and blue eyes, Joey was dark haired with dark brown eyes. Derrick was shorter than Joey too. Both were about the same build as they both were pretty active.

"Mom! Where are you?"


"I'm in the shower bud. I'll be out in a min!"

Well there goes my few minuets.

I hurry up and finishing washing and get out of the shower to towel off and get dressed. I chose some cut off jean shorts and a pink tank top with a pocket on the chest. Today was going to be a warmer day.

When I step outside the bathroom door I hear the TV playing some cartoons. I head to the living room to see what Peyton wants for breakfast. As I am headed there I hear my phone ringing in my bed room. I turn and head to my bedroom to get it. Once I get there the ringer cuts off. I missed the call, it was Bella. I hit redial to call her back.

"Hey Em!"

"Hey, did you need something? Sorry I missed ya."

"Fin would really like Peyton to come over for a sleep over today. Do you think that would be okay with you?"

"Umm... well he had a pretty busy night last night so I'm not sure that is a good idea. He may be pretty grouchy today."

"Oh, stop it! He will be fine, the kids can play in the pool since it will be so warm out today. Bring him over in a little bit or I can come get him if you want?"

"Alright, I'll ask him what he wants to do."

"Hey Peyton? Aunt Bella wants to know if you want to have a sleep over with Fin tonight?" I yell from my bedroom.

I hear him in the living room jump up off the couch, "YESSS!" he yells while running around excitedly.

"Did you hear that?" I ask Bella laughing.

"Yes" She starts laughing.

"Alright I guess I'll bring him over. What time?"

"Just come over when you're ready, we will probably be in the pool so just head to the back yard. If you want to come hang out in the pool to cool off you can, I am sure I can have Cash call Joey to jump in with ya." I am sure shes grinning ear to ear with a wink.

"Funny Bella. I'll see you in a little while." I say hanging up the phone.

Peyton is now running down the hall to my room with a book bag full of toys.

"I'm ready Mom!"

"Don't you think that you will need to bring some clothes too not just toys?" I say laughing.

"Aunt Bella said that you guys will probably be in the pool today so we will need to pack your swimming shorts and you probably want to bring some pool toys. Plus, we need to have breakfast first."

" Mom, I'm not really hungry, let's just pack up my stuff and go!"

"You have to eat before we go over. Do you want cereal? That wont take too long then we can pack up your stuff."

"Alright..." Peyton says dragging his bag of toys down the hall, little plastic dinosaurs falling out on the floor as he goes.

I walk behind him picking up the toys and head to make breakfast.

After breakfast, I send Peyton to go play with his toys in the living room while I go to his bedroom to pack a few more things. I bring down some clothes for him to change into and then we head out to the car.

The air is thick this morning. It's going to be a hot humid day. I feel my hair already starting to frizz. We get into the car and head toward Bella's house. It doesn't take long and to get there and it's still morning seems how we got up so early today.

When we pull into the drive I see Joey's truck in the drive again.

She wasn't kidding... I am going to kill Bell.

I look in the mirror to make sure my hair isn't too bad. But it is, it's really bad. Of course.

"Mom! Hurry up! Peyton yells while trying to unbuckle from the back seat.

I hurry out to help him open the door and he runs right for the front door yelling "Bye mom!" as he reaches the porch.

"Peyton, I am coming in to say hi then I'll leave."

"Oh sorry Mom." he says apologetically.

I follow him inside, because it's so early they are not all in the pool yet. Bella greets me at the door.

"Hey were just getting ready to jump in the pool! Where is your suit?"

"I'm not staying, I have some errands to run and some house work to catch up on."

She leans in and whispers, "but Joey is here, you should stay."


Before I can finish Joey comes around the corner. God he looks so good! He is wearing a grey tank top that really shows off his muscular arms and a pair of black athletic shorts.

"Hey Em! Headed to the pool to cool off?"

Bella is still standing there in the door way facing me, smiling ear to ear. I try not to make a face.

"No, just dropping Peyton off for a sleep over and then off to get some stuff done." Of course I felt the need to tell him Peyton was sleeping over. Why not just tell him I'll be alone, all night.

"Oh, right." He seemed like he wasn't sure what to say next.

"Hey, so I'll have Peyton tonight so why don't you guys go out and have some fun? I don't know if Em even knows how to anymore." She picks while putting an elbow into my side.

That Bella is always up to something. Figures she would call me this morning to have Peyton come over and at the same time make sure Joey is here. Convenient.

"That sounds like a good idea, I'd be nice to catch up with you Em. What do you say?" He asks so confidently I am not sure I would be able to say no.

"Umm..." I can feel my face getting redder and it's not just because it got hotter outside. "I guess we could do that." I manage a smile.

"Alright, it's a date. I'll pick you up at five so you have time to get the stuff done that you wanted. Does that sound okay?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'll see you at five." It seems like it comes out more like a whisper.

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