Protecting Cub

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This is a manxman story. Please do not read if you have any problem with bl. Contain mature scenes as well as violence, rape and panic attacks. !UNEDITED!

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Where every shifter is destined to spend their whole life with their other half, their mate, Blade Novius, the King of the Dragon clan hasn't yet met his destined lover.

Depressed, vulnerable, longing for his only lov-No. Where everyone longs for their mate, the Dragon King never felt what other unmated shifters felt.

"A mate is only a sign of weakness."

When unexpectedly Blade met his other half in a club, the longing desire to impregnate his human mate forthcame but his offer for one night stand was refused which in turn hurt the King's ego.


With no memory of his past and a lunatic after him, Cub has been on the road since the past few months along with his 4 months old daughter. But when he stumbled across the Dragon King, he felt something stirred up deep inside of him but being already a mother, he refused to acknowledge these new feelings. However coincidentally he got stuck with the Dragon King.

Now throw some drama and some fluffs- not forgetting an adorable baby!

(Sorry I'm not good with description but I hope you got some idea about what this book is)

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