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In this world of fake attachment and luxury hunger, is it possible to find someone who will love you so deep that it's hurts every-second you're apart? Itzel Santorino is the independent woman who dreamt of such love and when she married Vaeon Dragul, the renowned billionaire her wildest dream came true.

Romance / Erotica
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Never in my wildest dreams I have ever thought that I would be standing here, wearing this glamorous bridal gown that too beside the most handsome man in the world.

It's just my dream came true or I'm still dreaming but I know I don't want to wake up from this dream. This dream where I met this wonderful specimen of man and with whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life.

Spending my rest life with him just feel as good as I felt of his presence. His presence only make me feel something that I have never felt in my 24 years of existence and I have a feeling that he is the man for me.

Talking about man or men, well I don't have any contact with them in an intimate way and I have zero boyfriend. It's not that I'm prude or nerd but it's just that it didn't feel right to me.

It's also not that I'm not attracted to them. I'm but I'm partially living the fantasy world where I would meet my Prince Charming and he would sweep me out of my feet taking me to his castle and love me for eternity.

Well the partial fantasy became true when I graduated from the university and startup my own business as the fashion designer.

Everything seems surreal but it is what happened and to tell you this is an arranged marriage would be an understatement.

Mr.Matthew Dragul, the president of Dragul Empire came with the proposal to my house when I was in the last year of my university and coincidentally he became my first client to start my career.

My father was astonished to know about the proposal and told him to wait for few years as I, his princess is not of the age of marrying. And Mr.Dragul waited for three years and came back again with the proposal.

When my dad asked me for my answer I said yes after meeting Vaeon Dragul, the big boss with whom I didn't come to meet before and at first meeting he kind of struck me.

He has that aura around him which captive me and my fairytale became the reality when he too agreed for this marriage. At first I have think of him as some rich jerk but he captivated me with his warm smile.

In short he is everything that I've always dream of and I hope he is the one for me. Also, Mr.Dragul had seen me in one of the events and wanted to make me his daughter-in-law.

Well, today here he is the one who has the brightest smile and my mother-in-law to be in a few minutes is giving us a warming smile.

"Mr.Dragul. You may begin." The priest said making my heart stop for a second and I felt Vaeon gaze at me.

"I, Vaeon Dragul is happy to take you as my lawfully wife. You ready to spend your rest of the life with me." He asked giving me anxious look and I look in his eyes which has made me captive in just a month of our meeting.

"I, Itzel Santorino is happy to be your wife and spend my rest life with you." I said making everyone to cheer for us and he pull me into a kiss.

My first kiss on my weeding day and it ignite something in me which I've been missing since ages. Our tongue molded together and here our marriage journey begins.

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