His Introvert Wife

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After having the breakfast he lead me to the living room and I look around to see my in-laws but there was not a single soul available.

“Vaeon! Mom. Dad. They-” I was cut off by Vaeon as we sat on the luxurious sofa.

“They left yesterday night. And...they have left a gift for you.” He gestured me to look at the side table and I found a antique box placed on it.

I then walked over there and opened the box to find a chain with a rare blue diamond pendant on it. The dazzling light made me hypnotized and I gasped seeing the beauty in front of me.

“It’s my grandma’s favorite. She had told me to gave it to my future wife. How is it?” Vaeon back hugged me and placed his face in my left shoulder.

“It’s wonderful.” I exclaimed beaming with a smile.

“It was in the vault at Africa so I couldn’t give you sooner but now it’s yours.” He inhaled a breath burying his face in my hair and turned me around towards him.

“May I?” He asked glancing at the antique box I was holding and I chuckled nodding my head.

He then took out the chain and placed the box on the side table. I collect my hair at the side holding it with my hand and Vaeon put the chain around my neck clasping the locking.

His finger lingered on my neck for a second and he pulled me into his embrace making me gasped out loud. He buried his head on my neck and placed a kissed making my knees to go weak.

I gripped on his shirt pulling him close and he groaned nipping on my sensitive spot. That made me lose my mind and I lost my footing and we landed on the sofa.

“Vaeon.” I called out looking straight at his eyes and he bend forward kissing me hard on my lips.

His hand roamed around my body and his touched aroused me. I could also feel him hard down there and before we could continue further he pulled away from me making me gasp for breath.

“God! I can’t get enough of you. I...Itzel let’s go.” He helped me to get up and straightened my dress.

“Where?” I asked grabbing my mobile from the sofa.

“Company.” He hold my hand walking us to the front door and there a blue Ferrari was waiting for us.

He opened the co-driver seat for me to get inside and helped me to fastened the seatbelt. Then we drove to his company.

When we reached there Kristian, his sectary was waiting for us at the entrance.

“Mr.Dragul. Mrs.Dragul.” Kristian greeted us once we get off the car and I blushed when I heard him addressed me as Mrs.Dragul.

“Get used to it love. You will hear it for the rest of your life.” Vaeon whispered near my ear and I shivered when I heard his husky voice.

We then rode the elevator to the 30th floor and I suddenly felt the urge to used the washroom. I asked Vaeon for the direction but he lead me to his office which had a attached washroom.

When I walked out the washroom after few minutes I saw Kristian walk out the door and Vaeon get up from his chair walking towards me.

He stopped near me and took my hand in his and lead me out of his office. He handed my phone which I had kept on his desk and I glanced at my mobile to see a message from my family.

It’s a message wishing us safe journey and when I look at the front I realized that we were at the terrace of the building.

I was about to asked Vaeon what we were doing when a chopper landed in front of us.

“Itzel. Come.” Vaeon forwarded his right hand towards me.

I placed my hand on top of his with a confused expression. I didn’t know what Vaeon was upto and where he was taking me.

“Don’t worry love. We’re going to our honeymoon. There’s a surprise waiting for you.” Vaeon smirked winking at me and we walked towards the chopper.

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