His Introvert Wife

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When the chopper started flying I hold Vaeon hand looking at his handsome face.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked looking outside of the window.

"It's a surprise mi amore." He whispered near my ear and I turn to looked at him.

He too look at me with a silly grin plastered in his face and I knew better to asked him again. So I kept quiet looking outside the window and after an hour or so the chopper descended to land on the runway.

Vaeon helped me get off the chopper and I saw six black BMW parked up in a row. Men wearing black suits were standing around and a black sedan was parked in the front where a man who standing beside it with an stoic expression walked towards us.

"Boss. Madam." He greeted formally and Vaeon just nodded walking us towards the car.

"Boss. Madam." The driver whom I recognized due to his uniform greeted us once we approached the black sedan.

Vaeon gave a glanced at him and indifferently opened the door for me. The driver sounded quite nervous so I looked at him to see him sweating. It was near dawn so the weather seems slight cooler but he was sweating profusely and seemed afraid.

Is he afraid of me?

I shake my head dismissing that thought and I found Vaeon glaring at that poor driver. Now I know why the driver seemed flustered and sounded nervous.

"Vaeon!" I called shaking our joined hands and my gaze goes to the black BMWs parked at the back. Vaeon too followed my gaze and looked at the men in black suits.

The men bowed looking at us and I found the scene kind of awkward. I gave once at look at them and entered the car. Vaeon followed me along with the driver and the man who had greeted us first sat on the co-driver seat.

I glanced at the man for a while and the driver started the car when two of the BMW rode ahead of us. I felt Vaeon's gaze on me and turned to him with a warm smile plastered on my face.

"Ross! You're not going to introduce yourself to your madam." I heard Vaeon spoke pulling me in his arm.

"Sorry madame. I'm Ross Guidon. Subordinate of boss." The man whose name is Ross introduced himself facing me and I awkwardly nodded trying to sit straight.

"Vaeon!" I hissed lowering my voice as much as possible but my husband wasn't willing to free me.

I pinched his arm looking at the men in front of us and felt embarrassed when the driver sneaked a glance through the rear view mirror.

"Ouch." Vaeon yelled holding me tighter and I gave up looking at the shameless man.

"We're husband and wife. Don't need to mind them." Vaeon said as if they've no emotion and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Where are we? This time you need to tell me." I pouted my lips acting cute but he laughed making me glare at him.

"I'm taking you to the north of the Dragul's private island. We're to spend a whole week here. Get ready to have fun amore." Vaeon whispered the last part making my face heat up and I buried my face in his chest while his chuckle resounded in the car.

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