His Introvert Wife

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“Amore! We’re here.” Vaeon signalled me to get off the car.

“Thank you.” I smiled at the driver who opened the door for me and he nodded in acknowledgement.

Vaeon came to my side and snaked his hand on my waist pulling me in his embrace. I did not tried to pull away and relaxed inhaling his manly scent.

There was a two floor villa in front of us and it was in the middle of the forest. The lightning made the scene looked more enchanting and I fell in love at first sight.

“Its beautiful!” I exclaimed glancing around the villa and Vaeon chuckled seeing my reaction.

Ross who had walked towards the front door walked back after opening the door and Vaeon nodded at him as if signalling him to get out.

Then the cars which was parked behind us drove away one by one and Vaeon and I were the only one left behind.

“Shall we?” Vaeon asked glancing at the front door.

“Ah.” I look behind us ignoring his question.

“What happened?” Vaeon inquired pulling me to face him.

“Where is our luggage?” I had excepted him to ordered someone to packed our things.

“There is none.” Vaeon pulled me towards the door and I pouted glancing at our surrounding.

Inside was more enchanting than the outside and I was mesmerized looking at the amazing interior designs.

“You wanted your luggage, yeah?” Vaeon raised a brow at me and I nodded absentmindedly still appreciating the villa.

“Then let’s go.” Vaeon pulled me towards the spiral staircases and we climbed atop it.

He walked ahead of me turning left and I trailed behind him halting at the huge wooden door which seemed to be a master bedroom. He opened the door entering inside and left the door open for me to enter.

The bedroom was same as we have in our home except the attached balcony. I was looking at the room when a strong arm wrapped around my waist pulling me into a hard chest. I inhaled the manly scent trying to push his arm away but he sat down on the bed placing me on his lap.

“You like it?” Vaeon whispered placing his head on shoulder and I hummed looking at the my sexy husband.

He leaned forward to place a kiss on my lips when my mobile flared out making me to abruptly get up his lap. I checked the mobile screen where mom was displayed on it and I slide the screen accepting the call.

“Princess!” Dad voice came from the other end and I knew dad was waiting anxiously for my phone call yet I forget my dad once I got married. How horrible of a daughter I am?

“Ow.” I screamed when Vaeon pulled me on his lap like I am a child and took the mobile from my hand.

“.......Princess! Are you hurt? What happen?...You-” Dad worried voice sounded from the mobile when Vaeon pressed the loudspeaker button.

“Dad! I’m okay. Its just-” I gave a hard glare to Vaeon and my mom cut me off mid sentence.

“Princess! Your dad has been waiting for a long time to listen to your voice. He cried when we came back from the hotel.......” Mom talking on the other side while Vaeon kissed me hard making me to regret answering the phone call.

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