His Introvert Wife

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“Princess! Let’s video chat.” Mom voice made me startle and I pushed my husband who was kissing me hard.

“No.” I yelled grabbing the mobile from the bed and breathed heavily.

“Why? What happen? Where is Vaeon?” Dad shouted from the other end and I could hear mom scolding dad for shouting out loud.

I looked at my husband to see him smirking at me and he pulled me in his chest keeping his hand on my waist.

“Oh! And I forgot to ask you wether you guys reach there or not?” Mom turn on her video and I could see her siting in the living area sofa with my dad beside her.

“We have just reach here.” I glared at Vaeon who my nipping at my ear making me squirm in discomfort.

“Okay then have some rest and then we will call you tomorrow.” Mom bid goodbye not giving dad any chance to get hold of the mobile.

“Bye mom and dad.” Vaeon and I both said in unison and the call was disconnected.

“Vaeon!” I whined trying to get off his lap but he tightened his hold on my waist.

I wriggled to loosen his grip but the more I tried to get away, the more he put pressure.

“Itzel!” Vaeon groaned near my ear and my action paused making me aware of something which is not new to me anymore.

He grabbed my left hand which was on his shoulder and placed it on the huge tent on his pant. I blushed hard seeing it and tried to pull my hand away but he hold my hand placing it on his leather belt.

I looked up to look at his eyes and I saw desire and lust for me which made me to gulp the bile rise in my throat.

I have never done this type of things even though I have read it in novels and I felt nervous. But when I gaze at his eyes a new confident came and I became bold in my action.

I opened his belt with the help from him and unbuttoned his pant along with his boxer. My hand shakes when I see the manhood for the first time this close and do not know what to do nor where to start.

“Here.” Vaeon placed my hand on his hard rod and I stiffened when I felt it.

“Am-ore.” Vaeon moaned as if he is in pain and guide my hand to rub him slowly.

“Itzel. My wife.” He whispered kissing my lips and I rubbed him harder increasing my pace.

He pulled me closer as if plastering my body on his and my action made him to orgasm in my hand.

“Amore.” He rasped and whispered in his husky voice making me clenched my thighs together.

I pulled my hand from his manhood and my hand became sticky with his fluid. When I looked at my hand, my face became red as tomato and he get off the bed putting me on the bed.

He did not bother to button his pant and walked to the dresser where tissue paper box was kept. He then walked back to the bed holding the box in his hand while showing his hard rod.

“Your hand is amazing. You are amazing.” My shameless husband wiped his fluid off my hand and gave me a hungry look.

He had just get released and still he is not satisfied. How good is his stamina? I better save myself.

“I’m hungry.” I rubbed my stomach ignoring his obvious look.

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