His Introvert Wife

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“Hmm.” Vaeon answered staring at me with the heated gaze and did not get off the bed.

“I’m going to freshen up.” I avoided looking at his eyes and get up sprinting to the washroom.

I locked the door the minute I entered inside and breathed a sigh of relief. I recalled my bold action a while ago and looked at my dress which was dirty. I kind of feel smelly too as I sweated when he was kissing me fiercely.

So I stripped off my dress and took a short shower. And when I came out of the shower, I remembered that I have not bought my clothes with me and Vaeon had not packed our luggage.

So I wiped my body with the towel and wore the bathrobe. I then dried my hair with the hair dyer and walk out to the room. I looked around the room for Vaeon but the man was not there. I heard noises coming from outside and walked out the room to see Vaeon climbing down the stairs.

His figure faded when he took right corner and the shameless man was only wearing a lose boxer. I too climbed down the stairs and turned right corner when I reached downstairs. I walked ahead following the path and reached the kitchen.

I stopped at the door frame when I saw my sexy husband taking out a pan from the kitchen cabinet and there were already ingredients placed on the kitchen island. I crossed my arms leaning on the door frame and brazenly stare at his muscular body.

“Amore! Don’t tempt me.” Vaeon said in a husky voice giving me a pain look.

“When have I tempt you?” I questioned walking inside the kitchen where my husband was cutting onions.

“Itzel!” He groaned when I placed my hand seductively on his shoulder while pretending to look at the chopped onions on the chopping board.

“Let me do it.” I feigned innocent and hold his hand to take the knife but he placed the knife down on the chop board holding my hand.

He pulled me to his naked chest and buried his face on my head inhaling my scent. I could feel his body heating up and his breath became erratic so I pushed him making a distance between us. Vaeon gave me a smile and grabbed my waist placing me on the kitchen island.

“Ow...Vaeon! What are you doing?” His action took me off guard and I yelled glaring at him.

“I will cook for you. You just watch me.” He gave me a sly grin and I inwardly roll my eyes continue watching him cooking our dinner.

He surprised me with his amazing cooking skills and I doubt he had cooked many times before. That thought made me to feel disappointed but I brushed it off looking at the mouth watering spaghetti.

He took the food to the dinning area and served me a plate. I was damn hungry so I eat it without waiting for him. Also I did not make any sound as I know how aroused the man was when I made contact with him and the sound will entice him more.

“It’s yummy.” I gave a thumbs up and gobbled up the food not sparing a glance to the man sitting opposite me.

He too did not start a conversation only glanced at me from time to time. We finished eating at the same time and I stood up to grabbed his plate but he stopped my hand carrying the plates to the kitchen. I huffed looking at his retreating back and carried the bowl walking to the kitchen.

“Let me do the dishes.” I felt uneasy when I saw the hot man washing the plates but he ignored my words taking the bowl from my hand.

“You do not need to do any work when you have me. You just need to love me.” I about to take the wiper to clean the table when his words resounded in the silent night.

Oh! My poor heart.

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