His Introvert Wife

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"You will love me, no?" His hypnotizing grey orbs took my breath away and my heart beat accelerated.

I absentmindedly nodded gazing at his eyes and forgot everything around me. His words rang on my head and a foolish smile crept on my face.

"Amore!" Vaeon seductive groan bring me back to reality and I took the wiper from the lower drawer running away from his approach.

I walked to the kitchen island and wiped it without glancing at the horny man who was doing the dishes. But he kind of looked sexy while doing the kitchen chores.

The way his hand move while....Itzel! Get your mind of gutter. I furiously shake my head getting rid of those thoughts and went to the dinning area to clean the table.

I took time while cleaning the table as I was affected greatly by his words. He seemed to know me more than myself and I seriously do not know what to think of it.

His confession on the weeding night had surprised me and I had seen genuine emotion in his eyes. I had always believed in fairy tale where a Prince Charming will come and love me to eternity.

And Vaeon is that Prince Charming I have always dreamt of yet there is something in me which is stopping me from expressing my feeling.

In every fairy tale, the prince falls in love with the princess at first sight and that's what had happened to us. But when I think about my first meeting with Vaeon, everything seemed unreal.

We have met only once in my home when he had came to have dinner with his parents after I had agreed to the proposal. My mom was the one who persuade me to marry him while my dad was hesitant about the proposal.

There was something like fear and pain in his eyes which made me to question him but he brushed it off saying he was worried of me as he did not want his princess to be carry away by the prince.

I too had not thought of marrying at that time but unexpected things happen on life. Just like the sudden declaration of Vaeon after the dinner that fateful night.

That man, the moment he saw me while I was climbing down the stairs till the dinner, he brazenly stare at me without caring about our parents.

He did not fazed away while meeting my father's furiously glare and shamelessly announced me as his wife. I did not thought much about it as my mind was in mess when I saw him for the first time.

I had seen his photograph before but meeting him in person made me to think about my wildest dream. While he asked for my opinion in front of our family, I couldn't stop blushing and ran away from there not knowing how to react.

That night, his thoughts evade my mind making me restless and I did not get a proper sleep. Then next week, the weeding preparation started and I married him.

"You are not done yet?" Vaeon asked standing beside me.

"Huh." I looked down at the clean table and hold the wiper walking to the kitchen.

I placed the wiper near the dish washer and washed my hand applying the cleanser. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see Vaeon standing beside the refrigerator.

"Amore. What do you think of some desert?" Vaeon licked his lips giving me a seductive smile.

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