His Introvert Wife

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“Sure.” I muttered giving him a approving look and walk out the door to the living room.

I flopped down on the sofa leaning my body against it and within a minute I heard footsteps coming out from the kitchen.

I turned to look at the side to see Vaeon walking out holding a bowl on his hand and I was curious to see what desert he had prepared for me. Talking about the time he had taken, I guess he has already bought it before or told someone to bought it.

“Here.” Vaeon passed the bowl to me and I took it earnestly.

“Only one bowl?” I asked when I saw his empty hand.

“Yes.” Vaeon sat down on the sofa just beside me and pulled me in his embrace.

The bowl contain strawberry ice cream with chocolate drizzling which made me to scooped up the ice cream and I savoured it feeling the cool sensation that enters my mouth to the stomach.

I am so fond of chocolate and ice cream that I can have it in any time of day. But my stingy husband had only brought a small bowl of ice cream which did not do any good for my appetite.

Without sparing a glance to the man seating beside me, I finished the ice cream in a go and licked the spoon to appease my appetite.

“Can’t I have more?” I pouted giving puppy eyes but Vaeon chuckled as if he has just seen a joker.

His laughter reverberated on the silence living room and I got annoyed as he did not seem to stop any time. I was about to get up when he hold my arm and turned me to face him.

“You are this big. Still can’t eat properly?” He shake his head looking at my face and I got the idea that ice cream was smeared on my face.

Actually, I have been on diet for a few weeks before our weeding so when I saw the things I like, I gobble it up as if it would disappear from my sight.

“Help me to clean it.” I turned to look for tissue box but before I could stretched my hand to grab it, Vaeon pulled me towards him and his action took me off guard.

My shameless husband licked the corner of my lips making me shiver in delight and sealed our lips tasting the remnant of the ice cream. The kiss become heated when I pulled him closer and he bite my lip making me moaned out loud.

“Vaeon!” I pushed him while I find his hand on the opening of the bathrobe.

“I’m tired.” I placed my hand on top of his and he nodded getting up from the sofa.

“Let’s go to bed.” Vaeon said in his hoarse voice and I knew he had a hard time so I nodded holding the bowl walking to the kitchen.

I washed the bowl and wiped my hand after placing it to dry. I then walk to the living area and there Vaeon was waiting for me. We then climbed up the stairs and headed to the master bedroom.

Vaeon lay down on the right side and I stood near the left side with a confused look. I had a bathrobe on so I could not sleep wearing it and if I discard it then I need to sleep naked.

“What happen?” Vaeon looked up at me and I pointed to the bathrobe.

“Open it.” He said and placed the pillow comfortably on his head.

“But-” He cut me off as if understanding my predicament.

“We are husband and wife. Amore. I promise I will behave.” His words made to discard the robe and I hurriedly lay down pulling the duvet to cover my naked body.

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