His Introvert Wife

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The intense light made me to squint my eyes and I woke up slowly opening my eyes. I was sleeping facing towards the window so the direct sunlight disturbed my beauty sleep.

I then glanced at the digital clock placed on the nightstand and it read 7 am in the morning. I was too lazy to wake up so I turned to the other side where my husband was sleeping.

He seemed to be in deep sleep and even while sleeping his sexiness does not decrease. A smile crept on my lips when I gazed at his exquisite face and warmth engulfed me while I recalled his confession.

I love you.

Sometimes, I could not believe that I married him and this excellent man is my husband. It has only been two days since our marriage but he made me feel like he had known me for a long time.

I had many suitors while I was in high school and even more when I was in university and they were dashing and fine gentlemen but not a single of them pique my interest.

Frankly saying, since the day I had entered into the teenage phase, I had craved for someone who will took my breath away in the single meeting.

I was motivated by the harmonious relationship of my parents and always dreamt of a man who is meant for me.

I was an introvert and do not like social gatherings and parties so I always celebrate my birthday with my parents and my best friend.

I did not interact much with the outer world and spend most of my days reading novels or watching dramas. And when ever the sweet interaction between the leads will show up, my eyes would be glued to the screen.

I would often fantasize about the interaction between me and my imaginary husband. Esme would laugh when ever I would talked about marrying a prince and teased me saying its just a dream.

No one in today's world would love someone so deep that it hurts every second you are apart.

As I grew up, I face the harsh reality and thought that its impossible to find someone, whom I have always dreamt of.

But there was minuscule of hope that there would be someone, someone whom I'm destined to spend my whole life.

So when my mom told me about the marriage proposal, my instinct told me to consider it. And that one decision bring me to him.

My mom had wanted to tell me more him but I deny her as I wanted to know him on my own. I did not care what and how he was before I married him as what matters is the future ahead of us.

I subconsciously move my finger to his bare chest and drew circle on it. I was so immersed in my thought that I did not notice that the man was wide awake.

"Itzel!" Vaeon hold my hand and pulled me to his chest.

He buried his face on my neck and I placed my right leg on top of his. My sudden action made him to bite my neck.

"Mm." I moaned roaming my hand on his bare back.

"Amore. What are you doing?" He asked in his sexy morning voice.

"What?" I feigned innocence looking at his grey orbs.

"My sexy vixen. Don't tell me I did not warn you!" Vaeon flipped me on the bed and got on top of me.

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