His Introvert Wife

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“Vaeon! No more.” I groan when I felt him hard inside me.

This man had made love to me since the morning and still his stamina is so much better.

He nibbles my ear and reluctantly pull out of me. He lay down beside me and pulled me in his embrace. I hissed out due to the sudden movement and I literally couldn’t feel my legs.

“Amore. I’m sorry.” Vaeon apologised sounding worried and placed me gently on the bed.

I pulled the duvet to cover my body as I’m not used to sleeping naked even though he had seen everything as I couldn’t overcome my shyness. I then saw him get up form the bed butt naked and walked to the bathroom.

I got a few idea what he was about upto and saw him come out holding a towel in his hand. He removed the duvet from my lower body and crouched down on the bed placing the towel on my thigh.

“Don’t.” I pulled my leg away and cover it with duvet.

“I will help you clean.” He grabbed my leg but I kicked his hand away.

“I want to bath.” I croaked out feeling my dry throat and tried to get off the bed clutching the duvet tightly.

But Vaeon pulled away the duvet and princess carry me walking to the direction of the washroom. His sudden action took me off guard and I screamed out loud. “Ah...”

“You are sore. I will help you.” I did not fight to let go and let him carry me in his arm as I was damn tired and I do not think I can take a shower.

He walked inside the washroom and placed me on the bench. Then he walked to the drawer and took out the washer.

“You’re not leaving?” I asked when I saw him standing beside me holding the cleanser.

“No.” He then helped me wash and it was kind of awkward for me as its been ages since someone bath me.

After washing ourselves, he passed me the towel and was about to help me but I denied and wrapped the towel around my body.

“I will bring the clothes.” Vaeon turned to walk out making me confused.

“Clothes?” I hold his arm stopping him from walking forward.

I remember that we have not bring our luggage so did he call someone to bring it for us?

“Come.” He looked at my confused expression and hold my hand leading me outside.

I tightly hold the towel with the other hand while walking and he lead us to the door at the side which had a painting on his front making it look like a decoration. We then walked inside and saw rows of clothes hanged on the closet.

“You lie to me?” I was angry that he let me sleep naked while I was uncomfortable.

“I just said that there is no luggage so I did not lie.” He chuckled ignoring my accusing glare and took out the white nightie from the closet.

“Wear this. You might caught cold.” He stuffed the nightie on my hands and I huffed checking out the closet.

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