His Introvert Wife

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“You are still angry with me?” Vaeon back hugged me when I had just finished wearing the nightie.

“You like to tease me, huh?” I asked back tilting my face to look at his handsome face.

“No. I just...do you feel it?” He asked in a hoarse voice and I felt something poking me hard on my butt.

“Still not satisfied!” I exclaimed swatting his hands away from my waist and take a step back.

“I’m never satisfied when it comes to you.” He walked to me and cupped my face in his hand.

He lean his face to seal our lips together and hold me like I’m some kind of treasure. He kissed me slowly as if telling me that he lose him clam when I’m with him and he too do not know why he is like that.

After a minute or so he pull away from me and gave me a heart warming smile. His smile was contagious and I too smiled burying my face on his hard chest. He had wore a vest and short and I could fell his arms muscle.

“What do you want to eat?” Vaeon asked placing his head on top of mine and the next moment my stomach growls making the man to laughed out loud.

“See. You always laugh whenever I’m embarrassed.” I smacked his chest giving an accusing gaze to him.

“Amore!” Vaeon tried to hold my hand but I retreated my hand walking away from him.

“Ahh...” I yelped when I put more force on my sore legs and my lower region hurt badly.

“Amore! You okay?” Vaeon grabbed my arm and sounded distressed.

I ignored his questioning gaze and remained silent standing on the same place. He wants to laugh then I will let him laugh as much as he wants.

“Amore! I will carry you to bed.” Vaeon declared and without my approval he carry me in his arms walking out the closet.

I remained silent letting him to do whatever him wants and did not voice out my opinion. He then placed me on the bed and taking a glance at my sullen face he walked away. I did not bother to look where he had gone and stretch my legs to lay comfortably on the bed.

I then close my eyes resting my head on the headrest and heard footsteps coming towards the bed. I did not need to open my eyes to know who he is as Vaeon and I were the only one who are currently residing here.

Then I felt some movements on the bed and a hand move my nightie upward till it reach my hip. His sudden action startled me and I opened my eyes to see him holding a medicine tube on his hand.

“Let me apply the medicine.” He sounded guilty and almost pleaded with his eyes.

I was about to stop him and kind of feel shy when I imagine him applying the medicine down there but I nodded averting my gaze. And I help him to pull down my underwear hiding my reddish face with my waist length hair.

Also, it’s not his first time as I remember him applying a medicine on our weeding night when I had passed out from the intense pleasure.

“I will try to restrain myself from now on.” He vow gently applying the medicine and I turned to look at his serious face.

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