His Introvert Wife

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"Pumpkin. Are you happy?" Dad asked me with a sad smile and I could feel the pain he was feeling at the moment.

"I'm happy Dad." I gave a huge smile to him and he pull me in his embrace hugging me as if I will disappear the second he would loosen his grip.

All my life I have been close to my dad like we're the bestie and he knows me more than I know myself. He has been my favorite person in this whole world and now leaving him seems to be the most hardest thing I could ever thought of.

For a second, I feel too young to be married but when I look at my age I don't see any reason not to get married. It's not that I'm not happy with this marriage but it's just that the anxiety of living in the whole new world made me feel nervous yet excited.

Excited in the sense that I will be living my dream in reality and no one would ever wake me up from this beautiful moment of my life. It still feel surreal that my dream of living the fairy tale came true and within few minutes I will enter the world that exists only in my dream.

Also there is this pain of leaving your favorite person and the one who took care of you behind with only the memories and the photographs that were captured.

He pull away from the hug and peck me on my head making me close my eyes to relish the moment.

"If ever..ever you feel like he isn't the one for you then come to me and I will help you out." He said in a stern voice and gave me I'm-serious look.

"Alec! What nonsense are you saying?" Mom almost hissed giving disapproving look to dad.

"Our daughter is a married woman now so stop trying to scare her off. She is a responsible woman and she would know better. Don't encourage her to do bad things." Mom gave a ear full to dad and I chuckle earning a glare from my dearest mother which disappeared as if she remember that it's my after-weeding party.

My mother and father are the one who inspired or I should say made me to fantasied about the existence of true love. I won't say they're perfect but rather they are perfect for each other.

They know each and every thing of each other and instead of getting tired, the want to stay together is more than anything else. They have accepted the fault of each other and are happy to spend the life together.

"Darling! I was just looking out for our precious pumpkin." Dad try to reason but mom wave him off putting all her attention towards me.

Mom gave me a warm smile squeezing my arm and the look on her eyes made me believe that I have my life ahead and I'm the now who can make it or break it.

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