His Introvert Wife

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It has been six days since we have came on our honeymoon and rather than making love and eating we haven’t done anything. Its not that I’m complaining but...

“What are you thinking?” Vaeon who is sitting beside on the leather sofa asked raising a brow at me.

“How long are we going to stay here?” I asked turning my face to his side.

“We will leave in two days.” He answered while looking at my face as if trying to find out something.

“Why? You want to stay more?” His question made me startle.

If I agree to stay few more days then I do not know what will happen to my body? I shake my head discarding that thought.

“No.” I blurted out with a dreadful expression.

I didn’t hear him make any noise and when I looked at his face, his face did not looked good. I try to read his face but he avert his eyes before I could discern anything.

“Vaeon...” I called out taking his hand on mine.

He turned to face me but gave me a blank stare which made me to snuggle in his arm. I placed my head against his chest and hear his heart beat.

“You do not like being alone with me?” Few seconds later, I heard him asked with slight disappointment lace on his voice.

“If I despise it then I would be here? It’s just that I haven’t be-” He didn’t let me finished my sentence.

“You think that I’m keeping you captive?” He questioned placing his hand on my jaw and made me to look straight in his eyes.

“Is it, Amore?” He became impatient and I nodded my head diverting my eyes from him.

But he gripped my jaw applying light pressure and pecked my lips which were pouted at the moment .“If my wife wants to look around then let’s take you to someplace.”

He get off the sofa pulling me along the way and hold my hand walking to the front door. It was quite hot here so I’ve wore a shorts and a lose t-shirt matching with his shorts and t-shirt.

“Where are you taking me? Let us wear the shoes.” I said when he dragged me while wearing the slippers.

“Change.” He took out a flat from the shoe rack and place it front of me.

“Let’s go.” He too finished wearing his shoes and walk out us the door.

We did not bother to locked door as it has automatic lock function and I let Vaeon hold my hand take me to wherever he wants.

As the whole place was covered with the thick tress, I had asked Vaeon about the wild life living here and he told me that there is none here. Also, he told me that he and I were the only soul accommodating this whole north part of the Dragul island.

And I thought we would ride a car but we travel on foot and after walking for a few distance, I heard the sound of running water.

“River?” I voiced out looking surprise.

“You will see.” He said with a smug smile plastered on his face.

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