His Introvert Wife

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“It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed looking at the waterfall ahead of us.

“You like it?” Vaeon raised a brow looking at my facial reactions.

“I love it. I had not thought that this place would have a natural waterfall.” I said while glancing around the surrounding.

“This pace is surrounded by a hill so its possible.” Vaeon informed satisfying my curiosity.

“You come here often?” I asked recalling the fact that he had walked us through the correct path not stopping for a moment.

“It’s the second time.” I heard him answer and I do not why I felt bad as this place seems to be a romantic one.

If lovers came here then they would surely have fun exploring this place. And Vaeon is the CEO of the Dragul Empire, and the only heir of the Dragul family, plus he is extremely handsome so he wouldn’t have shortage of girls.

He could have anyone he wants and they would be over the clouds, if they got the chance to spend the time with him. Also, his bedroom skills is too good and he...

“I had came here when my dad bring us here for the first family vacation.” I was busy on my thoughts when his voice bring me back to reality.

“What did you say?” I asked back as if not believing the words he has just spoken.

“I....you thought that I came here with a girl?” His question startle me and I turn around avoiding his intense gaze.

“So my wife is jealous?” Vaeon mumbled which was loud enough for me to hear and I was embarrassed to meet his gaze.

I had told myself that his past does not affect me but now the mere thought of him being with someone else sullen my mood. And if I ever hear him talk about his past girlfriends then I..I could not imagine what would be my reaction.

“Amore!” Vaeon grabbed my arm turning me to face him but I pull away dashing towards the waterfall.

I ran like my life was in danger and soon get into the water. Before coming in the water, I did not forget to discard the flats. But my sudden actions put me into great disadvantage as I then remember that I had not bring a set of clothes to change and my shorts is already wet so I take off my t-shirts and walked to the surface.

I glance at the land to see Vaeon discarding his clothes leaving only his boxers and he then place the clothes on the big rock at the side. When he notice my burning gaze, he turned to look at me and smirked showing off his body.

“Place it there for me.” I did not walk out of the water and pass my t-shirt to my husband who was gazing at my chest.

I had wore a maroon lace bra which barely covers my breast and I had searched another one but to my disappointment the only bra available were the laces one which perfectly fits me.

And when I asked the man who had bought it as it was quite embarrassing to let others buy you a bra, the man simply stated that he had personally selected each and every thing place on the closet. He even shamelessly asked me whether the panties were comfortable.

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