His Introvert Wife

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“Wait for me.” He took the t-shirt from my hand and walked to place it on the rock at the side.

I stood on the place and look at his back to see a scar on the middle of his back. Before when I was looking at his body I had just seen his left part so now when he turned back I could see his whole back body.

It’s not the first time that I have seen him naked but I didn’t noticed this wound even while that man had parade almost naked on the mansion. I frown looking at the scar which seemed to be an old one but my heart ache when I imagine the pain he must have gone through.

I have been pampered by my parents so much so that they didn’t let me have a single scratch on my skin. And I have low tolerance to pain and whenever I would have to have an injection, I would bawl my eyes out denying to have it.

My father had to coaxed me for a long time and when I had exhausted all my energy throwing tantrum then only I would give up. I had trouble my parents mostly my dad during the childhood and still I fear having an injection so much so that I tried my best to not get sick or catch cold.

I couldn’t stop myself from walking towards him and I stop when I reached beside him. I raise my hand to touch the scar and the sudden contact stiffen him. He turn his face to look at me and let me look at the scar which was deep into his skin.

“Does it hurt?” I croaked out feeling emotional.

I do not why the scar made me to feel so sad but my intuition tell me that it was life threatening. After looking at the scar I came to the conclusion that he must have been stab by a knife or something sharp.

“It has been heal.” He turned to face me and hold my hand which had just touch his back.

“You must have felt great pain.” He caresses my hand and I looked up to gaze at his eyes.

“I was bed ridden for two weeks. The wound was deep.” He said looking straight at my eyes as if he could read my mind.

“If I were you then I don’t know how-” Before I could finish speaking he cut me off.

“Does it look bad?” His abrupt question startle me and a few seconds latter I understood his meaning.

“No.” I shook my head holding his other hand and intertwined our hand together.

“You are my handsome husband. How can a scar overshadowed your beauty?” I said looking at him in admiration.

This man is the dream of every woman and how can I not like the precious gem? Only a fool would dislike him.

“Indeed your husband is handsome.” He said with a smirked and pulled me on his chest.

I placed my head on his chest and hugged him tight. He too wrapped his arms around my waist and I thought he would hug me but his action made me to shrike out loud.

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