His Introvert Wife

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“Put me down.” I hit his shoulder but the man carry me to the water.

“Vaeon!” I shouted when we reached the centre of the waterfall and he placed in the middle of the flowing water.

The water falls on my body making me drenched from head to toe. The water was not so cold but I shiver when I came in contact with it.

“Vaeon!” I screamed looking at the big man who was staring at my sorry state.

“You...” I wipe the water off my face and glared looking at my so called husband.

“Cold.” I muttered wrapping my arms around my body and walked slowly out of the waterfall.

“Amore!” I heard Vaeon’s worried voice and he hurriedly approached me.

“Are you okay?” He asked placing his hands on my shoulder.

“Can’t you see?” I glared at the man and move away from his hold.

“Am-” He was about to say something but I took that moment to push him suddenly which made him to fall on the water.

“Splash..” When I heard that sound and saw the big man fall down, I laughed out loud looking at his sorry state.

“Serves you right.” I managed to speak up between the laughter and I was so immersed in laughing at others misfortune that I didn’t the see danger advancing towards me.

“Ahhh...” I screamed when a hand snaked around my waist and pull me hard on his chest.

Vaeon then sat down on the water and placed me on his lap. His whole body was wet and our wet bodies stick together. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat down comfortably on his lap. I then looked up to meet his eyes and saw him looking at me with burning gaze.

As I was sitting on his lap, I felt him hard down there and turn my eyes to his sexy lips. We were so close to each other that I could hear his heart beat and I guess he could also hear my increasing heart beat.

I lean my face to kiss his temping lips and he parted his lips giving me full access to his mouth. We have kissed so many times in these days and I have get a little knowledge about how to kiss someone.

I enter my tongue inside his mouth and explore each and every corner of his mouth just like he had done in our weeding night. He placed his hands on my waist and slowly caresses my skin making me to continue my bold action.

I tighten my grip on his neck and pull him closer sucking his lower lips. He too pull me close to his body nothing leaving a gap in between us and roamed his hand on my lower back.

He groan when I bite his lower lip and I was about to pull away when he took this chance to kiss me hard. Our tongue clashed with each other and I tried to fight with his tongue but the man kiss me with so much intensity that he didn’t pull away until I was gasping for a breath.

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