His Introvert Wife

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I gasped for breath trying to get away form his lap but he tighten his hold on my waist and placed me on his lap. Suddenly, the temperature increases and I looked up to meet his heated gaze.

He squeezed my waist and lean his face closer to mine. He pecked my forehead making me to close my eyes and he placed his face on my shoulder. His hot breath fan on my bare neck and I shivered in the contact.

He dipped his head on my neck and placed a sloppy kissed on my shoulder blade. My breath got hitched and I placed my hands on his board shoulder. He then suck on my sensitive spot on my neck making me to put pressure on his shoulders.

“Vaeon.” I moaned as he continue sucking on that spot and his manhood was stiff hard under my butt.

If not for the clothes we were wearing then his shaft would have penetrate me long ago. That thought only made me to stay rooted on my spot and I didn’t tried to wriggle out of his grip.

“Itzel.” He whispered in his hoarse voice and I felt my panties get wet due to my arousal.

He then bite my earlobe and pulled me closer almost plastering my whole body on his. His left hand roamed around my bare back and stop near my mid-back.

His fingers touch with my bra clip and I stiffen clutching his shoulders. As if sensing my action his fingers stay there and he trail kisses from my neck to the chest. He placed a kiss on top of my cleavage and bite the outer layer of the bra which was barely covering my bra.

“Not here.” I managed to croaked out and stop on his action.

“As your wish.” He voice out in his sexy voice and bite his lips giving me a hungry gaze.

I was about to get off his lap when he help me to get up and stood up in the next second. I turned to walk away when he carry me in his arm and walk to the land. Water falls off our body while he walked and he put on his shoes which was near the big rock.

“Put me down.” I kick my legs on the air and he placed me on top of the rock.

He grabbed the flats and bend down to help me to wear it. He hold my feet as if some kind of treasure and get up to grabbed the clothes beside me. His action made me baffled and I gripped the edge of the t-shirt to pull it out of his hand but the man took it away from my reach.

“My t-shirt.” I pouted glancing at his hand but the man stood beside me looking down at my body.

Then I looked up to meet his gaze and I tried to read his mind. And I understand that he won’t let me wear the t-shirt. Also, I need to walk wearing the lace bra which had become transparent.

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