His Introvert Wife

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“Vaeon!” I yell pointing at the clothes on his hand while he put on the shorts discarding the wet boxers on the ground.

This man had no problem in getting naked in this wilderness. But I’m a shy one so I need to have my t-shirts to cover my body.

I glared at the shameless man who was standing still at the side and I huff getting down from the rock.

While I jumped down from the rock, my legs cramped and I stumbled on my foot almost landing on the ground if not for the strong hands holding me at the exact moment.

“Ahh...” I screamed grabbing his arm tightly.

“You okay?” Vaeon asked sounding worried and helped me to stand on my legs.

“It’s your fault.” I scolded him giving him a harsh glare and bend down to rub my cramped legs.

If he hadn’t put me on his lap then my legs wouldn’t be in this state. Also, if he had given my t-shirt while I was asking for it then I wouldn’t have jump down carelessly.

“Here. Sit down first.” He made me to sit down on the rock and I obediently sat down trying to feel my legs.

“You shouldn’t have jumped down like that?” He crouched down in front of me and hold my legs with his hands.

He slowly rubbed my legs as if he was afraid to put more pressure and my legs feel better as he continued rubbing it.

A foolish smile crept on my lips when I saw the worried face of my handsome husband and warmth engulfed me. I didn’t know that marriage life would be blissful.

“Next time don’t act rashly.” He scolded giving me you-better-remember look and I nodded like an obedient child.

He then looked away at my legs and my gaze landed on the clothes placed beside me. I glanced at the clothes then at the man who was busying rubbing my legs and I grabbed the black t-shirt in lightening speed.

I put on the t-shirt without making any noise and when I finished wearing it, I looked up to see the man had already get up from the ground.

“Check your legs.” He helped me to get down and I stood up on my legs without feeling the cramp.

“It’s fine.” I yelped moving my feet and smiled looking at the amazing man.

“Thank you.” I leaned my face close to his face and pecked on his cheek.

“Don’t jump like that. I will carry you on my back.” Vaeon smiled looking at my childish antic and crouched down on the ground with his back facing towards me.

I paused for a second contemplating whether to let him piggy back me or not and at last I grabbed the remaining clothes getting on his back. He carried me effortlessly walking out of the forest and I placed my head on his shoulder wrapping my arms around his neck.

When we were about to reached the villa, I recalled the scene where he had bite my earlobe and my gaze goes to his ear which was tempting me to bite on it. I slowly move my mouth towards it and bite down it.

“Ahhh...” Vaeon hissed making me to leave his ear which had a teeth mark on it.

Shit! I almost bite him till he bleed.

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